… a major rant coming on.  Stay tuned.

9 responses to “I FEEL…

  1. why you torturing that poor cat? b/c it’s fun? yeah, me too.

  2. There is no accounting for the vicious tempers of cats.

  3. Girls: I don’t own a cat and if this is an indication of their tempers, I would be afraid of torturing one. Although I’m feeling much like this cat lately.

  4. yikes. looking forward to reading the rant.

  5. I’m intrigued.

  6. ‘nuf said.

  7. Raino: I’m getting to it, got to get in the right frame of mind.

    M+: You like cats? 😉

    LY: Really cool video. Why’d the girl’s hair come off, I wonder.

  8. Intrigued by the upcoming rant. I look forward to reading something that requires this much preparation from you.
    Cats have been known to be fatal to me…
    Doesn’t mean I hate them, but I’ve never been a fan either. They all seem to have personality disorders. If they were people, I would never associate with them. Nor would I allow my kids to befriend them.

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