… your butt off, but I can’t stop listening to this song.  (The video isn’t funny, what’s humorous is that no one I know in my age bracket listens to Lil Wayne.)  I found it on an iMix last night and bought it.  I LOVE IT.  Ok, the vid isn’t exactly my cup of tea but the song blew me away.  This guy has like $150K worth of diamond dental work.  And he plays scrabble with Charles Gibson.

Lil Wayne – Hot Revolver (NO DJ)

And yeah, work is still kicking my butt.  I’m burned out and dragging a**.  And I miss you guys like crazy.  For the next three weeks I’ll be working 48 hours instead of 50.  Spread those two hours out over 5 days… I’ll have all kinda free time.  Forgive me if I’m not popping champagne bottles and tossing confetti all over you.  I want my life back.

7 responses to “YOU’RE GONNA LAUGH…

  1. LY: Workin’ on it. Friday’s here.
    Like this song and band too. Thanks. Did you like this? He’s from Scotland you know… 😉

  2. do not use any more of your 2 free hours on Lil Wayne LOL!

  3. That’s funny. That goes to show that we do judge a book to often by its cover. I once liked rock, I still do (my generations), now I listen to country and folk. Go figure. I think we change with our seasons. Hope your days get better. Tristan is now walking a bit with her space boot…hee hee

  4. OMG, that was so hilarious. That song though sounded so ridiculously distorted…kind of like the whole video. Great find though!

  5. Lou: Actually I checked out some of his other stuff and don’t like anything half as much as this song.

    Joey: I’m used to people being surprised at my music taste but this was even a stretch for me. Hey, if it makes me happy, I’ll spend money on it and listen to my heart’s content. There’s a little more to this story… There’s a young black man who recently started to work with me. About the third day he was there, I was listening to this song. On break, I said, “Hey Matt, whatchu listenin’ to?” “Lil Wayne” he said and when I said “Me too,” his eyebrows went up. I smiled and said “Deee-ammmmn” like in the song. He got a pretty big kick out of that.

    Melinda: Hi, kid. How are ya? It’s been ages!

  6. he’s making a real name for himself lately, i wasn’t too impressed at first but i have become more so. i love that you give things a chance that most folks would just pass on by.

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