TATE SHOW 3/02/09 (Part 1)

So PD and I got to Mr. Small’s about a quarter to six last  Monday night for the Airborne Toxic Event show in Pittsburgh. Doors were scheduled to open at 6pm. It was about 12 degrees, blustery and frigid. There were only four other people waiting at the door when we got there. We struck up a conversation and I mentioned a guy who I’d seen on TATE’s MySpace page who was going to drive three and a half hours to Pittsburgh to see the show.  Of course it was one of those four people.  We bonded.  lol.

Little by little, more people started arriving but they never opened the door until nearly 6:30 so we were all starting to get cranky and frost-bitten.  Didn’t help that someone from inside opened the door at about ten after, stuck their head out and then closed it again.  Couldn’t they see that my nose was running, and forget that I’d spent an hour on my hair and it was all wind-blown and messy and I’d wanted to look good for my band…

The first band to play was The Henry Clay People. I only knew one of their songs but now I know lots and I like them.  I talked to the lead singer Joey after their set and he was a great conversationalist.  Just this minute I remember that he mentioned onstage that all through the tour, his band hadn’t had to book hotel rooms b/c fans had been kind enough to invite them to stay in their homes in each of the cities that they’d performed in. I hope that held true in Pgh as well.

Here’s a link to a vid if you want to hear and see them perform.

The Henry Clay People

The Henry Clay People

I had heard a little of Alberta Cross before the concert but was not prepared for their Live performance. The lead singer’s voice is very different but it only took a little while to get used to and to appreciate it. Their music kind of crept in and snagged me. One song, Low Man, (from Californication) especially touched me and now lives happily in the iPod.  I think it blows Metallica’s version completely out of the water.

Lead singer for Alberta Cross, Petter Ericson Stakee

Lead singer for Alberta Cross, Petter Ericson Stakee

And although I don’t have a post ready about the main attraction of the show, here’s a little clip of one of TATE’s new songs, Echo Park.  The vocals are a bit rough, I’d say this was filmed about the time that Mikel needed to start cancelling shows and drink some hot tea instead of performing.

3 responses to “TATE SHOW 3/02/09 (Part 1)

  1. Hey! I can breathe again! Ya know, if you’d made me wait any longer I might’ve died again…

    Too bad I didn’t know sooner, the Henry Clay People could’ve stayed in my gameroom, just like the guys from Hope For The Dying.

    OK, now I’m primed for the real post.

  2. Michael: You know, the only reason I posted was because of the nagging feeling that I’d be responsible for you being born yet again. lol
    OMG, you would have loved having those guys as guests and they would have loved you too.
    Don’t hold your breath this time, I have a crazy, busy week. I’ll post asap.

  3. Glad ya had a good time, even though they tried to freeze you to death. I am enjoying the Veruca Salt CD as are my girls. Thank you very much.

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