The Airborne Toxic Event

The Airborne Toxic Event

(photo courtesy of jeff koga @ kcrw)

Was distressed to find this in my mail the other day from one of my truly best bands, the Airborne Toxic Event.  I have tickets to see them tomorrow night so I was concerned…

hello there —

This sucks, we know. Unfortunately, we find ourselves in the humbling position of having to cancel our next TWO shows in Lawrence (Feb 25) and Des Moines (Feb 26). Our singer Mikel’s laryngitis, coupled with a bad throat infection that’s actually paralyzed part of his vocal cords, has forced us to postpone these shows indefinitely. Since rescheduling our last three shows (Boise, Salt Lake City, and Denver) for April, we’ve padded the end of our tour to such an extent that we’ve simply run out of time. This isn’t easy to announce, nor is it really a decision as much as it is a physical reality that we’re trying to deal with the best way that we can.
This past week has been very worrying for us, and we hope we haven’t terribly inconvenienced you or let anyone down.
We know there’s been a huge amount of support in both of these cities—more than we could hope for—and we promise we’ll make it up to you. We’ll definitely be back in the fall and hopefully before then.


Noah, Steven, Mikel, Daren, and Anna
The Airborne Toxic Event

I’ve been checking sites and discussion boards like crazy for the past few days and it seems that they played a show on 2/28, they’re in Columbus tonight and barring any unforeseen vocal tragedies circumstances, they will be in Pittsburgh tomorrow night.  (That’s Mikel, first on the left in the pic above)

There is a cute apology video on their MySpace page (to the cities where they had to cancel shows) if you’d like to watch it.

Since I became a fan of TATE’s music, PD has become quite a fanatic about them.  He’s decided to go to the show despite all his misgivings.  You see, he has a rough time in enclosed places where there is a lot of noise due to his Meniere’s.  The way the club is set up, more like a bar than a theatre, he’ll be able to get as far as he needs to from the speakers.  I’m just hoping and praying that he’ll be able to enjoy the show, it means a lot to him.  I’m anxious for him to see that I wasn’t fibbing about how nice and personable they are to their fans.

So I’m hoping, being that the show has not been cancelled and that Mikel is recovered, that we don’t get ten feet of snow.  It could happen.  Ask Tennesee.  And Alabama.  And all them there other states down ‘ere.

12 responses to “EXHALING WOULD BE NICE

  1. I hope things go (went well) I have the same ear problem, so understand.

  2. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you and PD.

  3. I’m sure everything will be fine. Enjoy the show tonight. I look forward to reading all about it someday…

  4. I have an ear problem with fluid levels & atmospheric pressure & dizzy spells & other annoying things which doctors thought was menieres. I almost wished it was, because after ruling that out, now no one knows what it is.

  5. Ok, so I am going to say it. I hope its permanent. After the show you go to, of course.

    Sorry, but it was just set up. All this sympathy is truly admirable – but you know…

  6. So was it awesome??

  7. What up with the Dixie slang at the end of your post 🙂 I’m bettin you shur could talk lik that if you tried…..spit.

  8. Cas: I didn’t know you had that problem! You don’t have Meniere’s do you?

    Hazel: Thank you much and it was. Will post on the weekend. In the mean time, I put pics up on FB.

    M+: Thanks for your optimism. And your sarcasm 😉 Touche’ Brother. You know me well.

    Lou: Poor, dear, you. I’m sure we’ll find an opportunity to talk about this soon. Glad you came
    back, I seem to have misplaced your blog. I’m terrible. I’ll visit soon.

    LY: You’re incorrigible. (I’ve said that before haven’t I?) I know you’re not jealous because I know your talent. So it must be that you truly don’t like them. But wishing that… nah, I won’t have it. Not here. Now behave.
    I watched the vid. The Foals are good, but TATE’s better 😛

    Joey: I LOVE to talk like that. That, and like a pirate. But I don’t spit and I don’t swill.

  9. Of course!
    I figured that if it took you two weeks to post about their last concert – and you weren’t on such an insane work schedule then – it’ll take you a couple of weeks to post about this one.

  10. M+: I’ll try to surprise you 🙂

  11. You’re not expecting me to hold my breath are you?

  12. Michael: Are you blue yet?

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