Not much going on around here.  Rather depressing but it seems the temperatures are expected to rise and we did have some much-appreciated sunshine today.

I swore my blogging efforts would never fall to the point where I would discuss the weather.  That was before I became a zombie.

I went to the drugstore today and grabbed up some discounted Valentine candy.  Sheesh, my quality of life is plummeting.  I buy my clothes at the thrift store,  my snacks on the clearance table.  Next I’ll be… what do they call that?  Dumpster diving?

PD is rewiring the electrical outlets in the downstairs.  I have no idea why.  They seemed perfectly fine before.  I think he was really excited that the price of 12-2 wiring finally came down and he bought a bunch.  You should see my downstairs, furniture (and plaster) all over the place.  Not that that’s such an unusual occurrence… 😉  I really should take the time and get the Christmas tree down.  No, you didn’t really just read that.

We got a little reprieve at work this week.  8 mandatory hours of over time instead of the usual 10.  They thought we’d appreciate the break.  That’s all I have to say about that.  Except that, yeah,  I appreciate those 2 hours.  I’ve already used them up cleaning snow off my car.  That’s not counting the time PD was kind enough to spend doing it too.  Love that man.

I have a little time before bed.  I’m going to go play around with some photo editing.  No, I don’t have PhotoShop but I’m going to pretend.  If I come up with anything interesting, you’ll be sure to know.

5 responses to “COMPLETELY RANDOM

  1. Hey, I’m with PD, got time on my hands, might as well do some home improvements.

    Valentines candy is good, but I am excited that it is easter candy time.

  2. Valetine’s candy discounts come at such a sucky time…right after I have started back to the gym and waiting to get over a tight several weeks so that we can start eating healthy again. It’s a shame that you can live off of Sweettarts cheaper than you can yogurt and fruit!!!

  3. Ooooo, I’m with Jeff on the Easter candy. Gotta have my Peeps!

  4. Raino: Get off my case, would ya? 😉
    I’ll be over this weekend. After I get the tree down.

    Jeff: So you’re handy too? Today he played with our new stove. The timer works perfectly, dinner was ready when I walked in the door. 🙂
    Wow. I hadn’t even started to think about Easter candy.

    Joey: LOL, but not too. I’m starting to feel that same urge. Lord help us.

    Michael: I would have agreed if you’d said peanut butter eggs. But peeps? *gag* Everybody saves their black jelly beans for me 🙂

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