…anyone is curious about the song/artist I posted about the other day, Jeff promptly answered correctly and will soon be the new owner of the Veruca Salt cd that I don’t particularly care to own. *wild applause for Jeff*

For some piss-me-off reason, WordPress is no longer an option on YouTube for sending videos.  I have to go raise some hell about that.  In the mean time, you can click here to see the answer.

(Scratch the raising hell thing.  I see that there is a feature here on my dashboard that should enable me to post video…     I hear you snickering!)

PS  Yes, I looked like the chick in the video on our first date.  Stop snickering.

3 responses to “JUSTIN CASE…

  1. Wow! Me first twice…

    Anyway, I have been thinking a little bit about the number of bands I know that have some form of fruit in their stage name. My list has passed 50. (I’ve still got it.)

    Regardless, as you can imagine I started thinking about tracks with some sort of fruit in their title and I was tickled when I remembered this, its not the Top of The Pops performance that I recall one Sunday afternoon but it’s ‘timeless’… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-a9mzEeqfk

  2. LY: Wow, Dude, you are so on the ball!
    Of course, I’ll be wanting to see your list. I love this song! Was a very nice way to start my day, even tho’ it’s kinda sad, it’s very catchy. And timeless, yes.

  3. omg, i love that song and i’m not ashamed to admit it. i probably saw that movie no less than a million times back in tha’ day. i tried to watch it the other night and i couldn’t.

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