I think I must have reached some sort of milestone yesterday. Any one who uses iTunes will understand, anyone who does not, won’t…  You know how your Purchased folder lists the songs you’ve purchased in the order that you’ve purchased, latest, first? Well I go on there this morning and now they’re in alphabetical order by artist. I didn’t change anything… It’s a little inconvenient, being that I was used to the other listing. Wish I had put some things in folders before now, it will be difficult. I guess I’ll have to play around with it. Maybe I can opt to have it list by date added or something. Who has time to mess around like this? I have a very strong feeling that someone (LY) will comment with some incredibly obvious detail that I’m overlooking and I’ll have a major internet DUH moment for everyone to witness.
My goal for today is to get a web cam hooked up because I’m missing my kiddos something fierce. My work schedule, JuJu’s, and the uncertainty of the weather for traveling has kept us from visiting since early in January and there is no visit planned in the near future.

Anybody know the band, Veruca Salt? I bought a cd, American Thighs, yesterday at the thrift store. I’d heard of the band and the cd art looked interesting. I haven’t opened it yet, haven’t had time. If they’re not good, tell me now. If it turns out I don’t like it and you do, it’s yours.
I also bought a kitchen trivet there that says “No matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best.” It reminded me of my grandmother who had a wrought iron napkin holder when I was little that said the same thing. It’s the first thing I’d ever memorized and it was before I could read. Good memories…

Holy crap. I just realized that it’s been 2 whole years since I came over to WordPress from Blogger.  Where the hell did that time go?

Yes, of course I’ve noticed that I’m posting more now since I announced that I’d be posting less.  Just goes to show you that I’m a big fat liar my plans are never set in stone and that I’m totally clueless about my life and my intentions.

And in case anyone is wondering, I’m down to 9 cigarettes per day and have been stuck there for what seems like an eternity.  I have not gained a pound and that’s causing me some concern.  My appetite hasn’t increased at all.  If anything, I’m eating less.  Can’t figure that out.

The sweet, romantic movie that PD and I chose to watch in the spirit of Valentines Day last night?  Fight Club.  (Yeah, I know…)  It was as great as it was every other time I’ve watched it.  That has to be in my favorite Top Ten movies of all time.

“Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken.”   ~Tyler Durden

6 responses to “ODZ & ENZ

  1. You don’t talk about Fight Club!

  2. re Itunes: just click at the top of the category, either song or artist, it puts it in alphabetical order. Click date, it puts it in order. You can arrange & rearrange any way you want. Right click on a song to move it to any playlist (or several playlists).
    I don’t get your music at all (but hey, I’m still listening to Rolling Stones High Tide & Green Grass.) But I get everything else, and I enjoy it;)

  3. I know Veruca Salt. Can’t remember any of theri songs, but do remeber liking the ones I’ve heard. I don’t know if that helps you since I know my tastes are a bit different from yours.
    Yeah, Fight Club is a movie that I’d watch on Valentine’s Day. Unless I had a significant other to watch something else with. Then I think I’d go with The Lake House.

    “The things we own end up owning us.” – Tyler Durden

    Hey! Guess what I am today that I wasn’t yesterday…
    The answer is at my blog.

  4. Veruca Salt is good stuff, I think you’ll like it. I for one am glad you lied were wrong about how often you would be posting. Glad you had a good Vday.

  5. I remember Veruca Salt’s hit “Seether.” Can’t fight the seether. I don’t remember any other songs attributed to them in the things I just now read.

    Funny that you watched Fight Club on V Day. We watched Seven Pounds, which while it had a romance angle, was NOT a cheery movie at all.

  6. I wouldn’t…

    Veruca Salt, deary. Well I was sent this, and I decided to share it with the titans of musical fans that are your following: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qrWTIFcrJs

    Proof that things can get worse?

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