I was too tired last night to do much of anything so I snuggled up in bed and turned on the TV when I couldn’t fall asleep.  I started to watch 20/20 and was lying there in tears watching.  It was all about really poor people in the Appalachians who spent what little money they had on drugs to get them through.  It was appalling. Most of their kids were raised on Mountain Dew and their teeth had rotted by the time they were teenagers.

Before I got through the whole show, I had a toothache that had me on the verge of tears, itself, and I was convinced that the reason so many of the people in Appalachia were addicted to Oxycontin was because of the pain they must have endured with toothaches most of their lives.  I think I would have spent my last $120 on some last night…

At any rate, I didn’t get much sleep.  And I have some advice for y’all.  If you ever resort to treating a toothache with Ora gel, keep in mind as you’re slathering it on your tooth and gums, that if you happen to swallow any of it, it numbs your throat and then you can’t go to sleep because you’re afraid you’ll choke to death in your sleep.

So I spent the better part of the morning today at the dentist’s office having some temporary shit dental work done.  Then I spent a couple of hours thrift store shopping just because I could.  Then I came home and ate a sandwich and have spent the entire rest of the day on YouTube and buying music on iTunes.

Now it’s almost 6pm and I have nothing to show for my day.  I think we’ll order pizza for dinner and watch a movie tonight.  Something sweet and romantic in honor of St. Valentine.

Speaking of,  we got some wonderful homemade Valentines  today in the mail from the grandkids.  What a way to put a smile on your face on a dreary February snoozy day. 😀

8 responses to “SNOOZY SATURDAY

  1. Happy Valentines Day! How ironic that the queen of sweets would spend the morning at the dentist on the sweetest day of the year. Just kidding I hate going to the dentist…was just there last week actually. I watched 20/20 as well. The mountain dew addiction is crazy…they even crave it during pregnancy?! It was sad. They are so uneducated…like the boy who says he drinks a beer a day to cleanse his kidneys? Very sad.

  2. I hope your toof is better!

  3. I didn’t see 20/20 but it sounds very sad.

    I hope you get your teeth fixed soon so that you can feel better. Myself, I don’t think I’ve been to the dentist since Reagan was in office. 😮

  4. Nat: Hard to believe that people live that way, huh. On the other hand, who’s to say a lot of their culture isn’t superior to ours? I actually missed some of the show while I was self-medicating.

    Hazel: Thanks, ’tis.

    Alvis: Actually I had a cracked tooth that I didn’t know I had. And a cavity. I got quick temporary fixes and a standing appt. for Sat. am for the next two weeks 😦

  5. I was so sad about that football player who ended up quitting college and going back home. I felt like the college should have done a better job of helping him adjust. He was clearly just overwhelmed by the situation.

  6. i think it sounds very sad, and sad that the american govt doesn’t step in and help… but maybe they don’t want help…

    i also think it terrible that so many stars are helping ppl all over the world, but ppl/families in their own country are suffering.

    i saw a show on these ppl many moons ago. they’d collect bottles and aluminum to get money, and many times their children would go w/out food. it was very, very sad.

  7. PM: I’m with you, I was really pulling for him. Seemed so unfair.

    UN: I’ve often heard arguments concerning aid to foreign countries as opposed to us helping those here at home in need. But often there is so much red tape and crap involved that the aid is more readily delivered overseas. Also, the American dollar often goes much further somewhere else. I can see both sides of that argument…
    Good to see you, Lady 🙂

  8. mouth pain is almost as bad as labor.

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