We all have to make choices now and then. I’ve decided that since I don’t have a life anymore that I can share with y’all, I can do one of two things. I can abandon my blog (there’s nothing interesting to write!) or I can keep it up and run the risk of either running you all off or putting you all to sleep.
I’ve opted for the second choice and have two things to say to you:
1) Bear with me, reading about the loss of my life is nothing compared to actually having lost it.
2) You’ve been warned so don’t get all droopy-eyed and fall asleep and drool all over my blog.

When I’m done posting this I’m going to dig through my pictures and maybe put up a new banner. Hopefully something bright and cheery to keep you awake.  It’s me and our dog, Shep, when I was about 4 years old.  I still need to make a banner that identifies me as One Wink at a Time.  I’ll do it in my spare time.  Update:  That photo is gone now. I found time to put up another.

Here is what I’ve been up to the past couple of weeks (since the episode with my mom, anyway) : I get up every morning at 4:30. I never always hit the snooze. I get up promptly at 4:30 4:45 every single morning. more often than not.  I leave the house at 5:30 after having a cup of coffee and something small and quick to eat, checking mail (usually) and washingfacebrushingteethgettingdressed and all that.  I start work at 6 am and finish at 4:30 pm.  I drive home.  I check mail and have dinner and before I know it, it’s shower time and I try to be in bed by 9 pm.  Sucks.  Weekends are spent cramming in everything that didn’t get done during the week due to time constraints and/or tiredness.  I not only sound like a broken record, I feel like I’m living one.

And to make matters worse, I’m afraid I already told you all this.

Anyway, I went to bed last night before 9:30.  Unheard of on a Friday night.  I don’t think I’ve been in bed at that time on a Friday since I was, like, 9  for crying out loud.

Right now it’s still relatively warm out and I’m going to go for a little walk, check out the stars and maybe find my way to the garage and see what kind of trouble PD is getting into out there.

Don’t you wish you could get back that last five minutes of your life???

Oh yeah, the choice you have to make- Do you want to keep coming here wasting 5 minutes of your life over and over again?

11 responses to “YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE

  1. A. Of course I would com back and read you.

    B. Is work really worth this? I mean, I’m guessing you do this to pay bills…for things that you’re not even enjoying because work is taking up so much time. Is that how you really want to live?

  2. LG: A. That’s good to know.

    B. In this economy and with the scarcity of jobs in our area, I can’t afford to be too picky when my husband is on disability and I need good benefits, you know? Hopefully this is temporary. I feel guilty even complaining when I think of how many people I know have lost their jobs altogether.

  3. I believe that I mentioned before – as a comment to a similar post in the past – that we all determine for ourselves what is of value to us, and what is not. I believe that all of us who visit you regularly have placed a value on you as a person and a friend. So I’m sure that we will continue to visit, and read whatever you post, because we truly care about you and your temporary lack of life. Besides, things will eventually change, and we will want to be here when you rise from the dead.

  4. Still reading, unless you start reviewing soap operas.

  5. i’m never leaving ever, so that should pretty much settle it 🙂

  6. Sounds like you’ve got plenty in common with all bloggers. Talking about, nothing.

    Not that I’d aim to cause offence, as you very well know, but us people who type, photograph, podcast our very being hardly have the type of ‘ooooo’ lifestyle you used to have. I mean what cool person keeps a journal?

  7. I’ll always be here.

  8. M+: You’re too kind. As for me rising from the dead, as you say, you’re also giving me credit for “talents” I could only wish to have 😉

    Jeff: No chance of that, Amigo.

    Leah: You whorin’ fool! 😉 lol

    LY: Cool people have to journal so they can remember (and have proof of) how cool they actually are. D’oh!
    Thanks for the awesome vid. I’ve been listening to Death for weeks and loving it.

    Hazel: Such comfort I find in those four little words 🙂

  9. Sometimes it is worth struggling through a period of time on the blog.

  10. It’s not a waste of my time, but I understand if you want to quit.

  11. Jack: Yeah, I guess blogging is like Life… you got your highs and lows. It’s something I truly love and enjoy and I miss the daily interactions.

    Alvis: Oh, no, no, no! I don’t want to quit. I didn’t mean to come across that way.

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