I’ve been collecting old family photos and my Aunt Beth was kind enough to bestow this gem (up there) upon me.  I don’t have a date for it but the woman who is “winking” is my Great Aunt Dot.  She was my mom’s dad’s sister.  I hope she doesn’t mind that I touched her up a bit…  She died when I was small but I remember being at her house once.  She was married to a man named William who holds his place in the Family History Archives as The Man Who Struck Out Babe Ruth in his younger years playing in one of those not-quite-professional traveling baseball leagues as a pitcher.    After a little research I’m thinking it was before Babe got discovered, possibly when he was playing for  St. Mary’s Industrial School (circa 1911) in Maryland and before his playing for  the Philadelphia Athletics starting in 1914.  I believe a cousin (Aunt Beth’s son) has custody of “the baseball” involved in the event.

Just thought I’d share that with ya.

12 responses to “NEW HEADER

    I’ve been considering an experience I once had, while working for myself and with the Christian component of my local community. It started off very positively, giving me a chance to consider the true nature of being Christian – serving and supporting the community, without prejudice, bias or expectation of repayment. As with so many experiences in my life I was sorely disappointed.

    The Christian community at large is not without prejudice, nor bias or expectation of repayment. There will be time for naysayers at the end.

    As I said, it started well – the training and introspection, time with a different sort of Christian, one who showed promise of ability to act without the aforementioned limitations, one who showed promise of ability to act like Christ, as he is depicted. I was truly enjoying my time among the majority of these people, all be it minus the curiously dumb, and phony intelligent ones of the bunch but largely, they were a good crowd.

    My purpose in all of this was to bring order to a chaotic scene, with the direction of my wife, who had already had experience in all of the interest areas of this group, and with the type of organization of which this was. Giving her insight into the steps that would need to be taken in order to turn a misfit of desire to help into an effective tool against social dysfunction, however the hurdle most difficult to overcome was not that of a lack of finance, although the budget was a little thin at times, it was sufficient, if applied properly to make tangible difference in the community. No, the big problem was personality and lack of leadership – it should be stated that we were asked to provide a sort of leadership for this organization, however despite our best, and professional efforts we could not stake any sort of authority on this non-profit, their board was weak, and single minded, the church networking and flow of information was single minded and the organization and its principals were constantly undermined by gossip and unfair, almost corrupt values of ‘prime’ members of the Christian community.

    Slowly but surely, the recommendations made by the Bible, made by my myself, even recommendations made by governing bodies were ignored for simpler more personally rewarding approaches, feeding nothing but the egos of the few at the cost of those in need. Leadership without authority, and authority without direction led to misappropriations of funds, led to finger pointing, and the hiring of weaker executives who could have their drawstring pulled.

    I think I was surprised to see grown adults, claiming to hear from god lay blame on others when they took action that negated sound advice from experienced parties. I am glad that they continue to limp along, suffering at every turn, a reminder that if a bad thing must continue to exist, it will, because god is in it and its people can be a poor as the society that surrounds them.

  2. are you sure she’s winking? could be the effect of a roofie you know 🙂

  3. LY: Excellent profession of exactly why I have so many misgivings about organized religion. Why people believe that a bunch of flawed humans, as we all are, can successfully manage an organization created to do justice to God’s plan in a flawless manner is beyond me. And I’m sick of people labeling themselves as Christian when they have no right to the title. Some of the most hypocritical acts I’ve witnessed in my life were by people claiming to be Christians. I think a true Christian needs not prove that they are, it’s obvious. I don’t refer to myself as a Christian. I believe in God. I try to live by the 10 Commandments. I treat most people the way I would like to be treated in return. I am guilty of not spreading the Gospel as I should. I worship and pray in my own way and I feel that God accepts that but wants more from me.
    I admire that you and your wife attempted to teach and help this congregation. I don’t know that I would have the optimism and patience to do what you did. And I’m sorry that you didn’t have more cooperation to make a difference. I understand your frustration.
    Interesting that this post prompted your response…

    Leah: LOL. Kinda looks like the whole bunch is on somethin’ or other.

    Joey: Wow, I think we bumped heads there.
    Actually, you got me inspired to dig out all the old photos, so thank you.

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I’m trying to figure out what is going on here. I was making headway with your posts, but then was set back again when I came to these comments. Oh well, I love a crazy, mystery blog, so I’ll be back.
    Re: Scott W. If you wish I will pinch his butt for you also.

  5. Lou: Great to see you here. Not sure the path you got on but I’ll try to figure it out. Maybe I need to install a GPS feature here? 😉
    Maybe my link (as I appeared on your blog) took you to my old Blogger blog? RSS feeds are another completely foreign language to me in case that would have anything to do with anything.
    You got the crazy right.
    Re: Scott W. No pinch, but do you think he would let you kiss him full on the mouth? Ask about our “club.”

  6. Yes, sometimes I end up here, sometimes another blog.
    Ha,ha..I fixed it on my end.
    OK, please tell me about the “club”. I’m a joiner, let me in!

  7. I love your banner and I love old pictures like this.

  8. Lou: Glad you got that straightened out. I don’t feel comfortable when my insanity proves to be contagious 😉
    Ah… The Club. It’s pretty exclusive and the initiation is rather, well… involved. I’ll meet with the others and get back to you, k?

    Alvis: Thanks. I loooove old photos 🙂

  9. wink, this is a really cool photo! i think i see my aunt in that photo too …

  10. Love old photos too…were they dressed for some sort of party? It is just too cool!!

  11. LY: I am reminded of a quote by Ghandi.

    “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

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