Wow this feels almost like uncharted territory.  I missed this place.  (I thought it was “unchartered…”  Spellcheck tole me otherwise.)

This week has been interesting to say the least.  Work was even nutser than usual but I’m not going to get into that.  Suffice it to say,  I survived, but barely. I pray this damnable over time runs it’s course before too long.  I’m tired being tired all the time.  Tempers are simmering and nerves are taut.  It’s kind of scary but I’m trying to stay on the outside looking in.  You tend to see one’s true character in times of undue stress and I’m getting quite an education.  I’ve been able to keep my sense of humor for the most part and I’m grateful that those prayers (for humor) have been answered if no others.

Tuesday saw a pleasant surprise when they broadcast the Inaugural ceremony on a big screen in the cafeteria at lunch.  I was a bit disappointed at the lack of enthusiasm (read: cheering) but nonetheless, was glad to be seeing it as it happened.  I didn’t notice anyone besides me teary-eyed.  I thought at least there might be a smattering of applause.  So once again I was disappointed by the apathy in the general population.  But I’m not budging.  I choose to keep my optimistic attitude.  Yeah, it’s hard sometimes, but it’s all I got.   Also, I think some people are afraid to express themselves for fear of seeming real or something, I dunno, I don’t understand people anymore.  Most people anyway.

So how’s my mom?  Much better now, thanks.  But a piece of advice for you…  If you ever find yourself in a position where someone tries to smack a scopolamine patch behind your ear, break both their arms and legs and run like hell.  She was told the side effects to look for, those being a dry mouth and difficulty in urinating.  They maybe should have said that she could have extreme confusion, auditory disturbances and hallucinations.  Yeah.  For three days.  God bless her.  We couldn’t leave her alone.  The available fambly members were with her through the day and overnight.  I stayed with her when I got home from work until my bedtime.  That was scary.  But she’s ok now and I’m awful glad.  Had I read the above link before they stuck that effin’ patch on my mother,  they certainly wouldn’t have gotten anywhere near her with the blasted thing.  And it wasn’t even any bigger than a dime, if that.

Ok, I’ve managed to cover medicine, politics and economics all in one post.  That’s a first.

What’s that they say about Absence?   Y’all must be pretty fond of me by now, if you weren’t before.  Please continue being patient with me catching up on all your posts.

10 responses to “HEY Y’ALL

  1. Glad to hear your mum is doing better. How bout you and PD? Hopefully next week will be better…and the OT finds it way out the door soon.

  2. Hey you, glad to hear mom is better. Please keep coming back!

  3. It’s so nice to find a new post here.
    Glad your mom is OK. My mom says “Hi” – or something to that effect. It was actually more like a question asking how you were but I couldn’t say much since I haven’t known anything new. But now I can tell her you’re doing OK.

  4. “pretty” fond? PISH! i’m MORE fond now 😉

  5. That’s crazy about your mom. I hope the doctor will not be as quick to prescribe that to patients in the future.

  6. Glad your mom is feeling better.

    I was excited by the inauguration, just to see the first black President take the oath of office. Surely a historical day we will be able to tell our grandchildren (in my case) about.

    However, I hope that more than the color of his skin distinguishes him from past presidents. I’m quite cynical about politics.

  7. Nat: PD is having a few rough days, as he usually does when we have this kind of weather. I’ll take good care of him 🙂

    LG: Thanks. I’ll do my best! The OT is wearing me out though…

    M+: Thanks, buddy. Please give your mom a hug for me. Still looking forward to getting together again one of these days. Spring???

    Leah: I miss you. XO

    Mark: I was astonished to see that it contains Belladonna. Sheesh, I thought that was like, medieval shit or something.

    Alvis: Garsh, it’s great to hear from you. Thanks for your thoughts for my mom.
    We share the same feelings re: politics. I’m hoping my feelings change in the not too-too distant future. I’m not expecting miracles and I’m trying to be realistic about a time frame for changes.
    Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  8. Good news about your Mom. And it’s good to hear from you whenever you post.


  9. I coulda swore I commented on this one the other day. Are you getting even with me?

    Anyway, glad your mom is doing better.

    Scopolamine, hmm that sounds like fun to me, sign me up for a patch! 😉

  10. Cas: Thank you so much, it’s nice to be appreciated. Sorry it’s not more often. But believe me, you would get tired of a bunch of short, whiney posts.

    Amigo: LOL. I would never do that, I know how rotten it feels *wink wink*
    You know what, I think God wanted me to appreciate my mom more and scared the you-know-what outta me to do it. But it worked. I’m seeing her in a whole new light.
    Yeah, you would probly enjoy one of those little devil dots. But I wouldn’t let you.

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