So I watched Letterman last night and ATE was fabulous.  No surprise there.  And Dave seemed truly blown away which was cool.  I went online and ordered tickets for their show in Pgh. in March.  PD is going to try to go with me.  He loves them too.  Due to his Meniere’s (bilateral), though, it might be tough for him to last through the show.  He does not do well in enclosed places full of loud noise.  We shall see.  He’s determined.

Before I went to bed at 2-something am, I got tremendously nauseous all of a sudden.  Now I hear there is some horrendous flu going around.  Yippee!  I looked forward to this weekend with all my might.  Now there might be a lot of laying around.  And hopefully not a lot of running up and down stairs.

So I get up this morning feeling only a little less nauseous, but dizzy with a raging headache.  More yippees.  And then a call comes… my mom is on her way to the ER via ambulance.  She was feeling tremendously nauseous and dizzy.  Her cardiologist suggested she come in to the ER just to rule out any more serious problems. Considering how I feel, I’m guessing it’s just the flu.  (Just the flu?)  My brothers are with her and will keep me posted.  I’ praying for the best.

Then I go to get ready to leave for the hospital, just in case my body decides to stop feeling pukey, and find we have no water.  Big old Yippees.  Could it be that our temperatures hovering at ZERO may have something to do with that?  I’m doubtful, considering that PD is the most insulating man I know and a very good pro-active home maintenance kind of guy.  A call to the municipal authority is in order to find out if there might be a problem on their end.

Yippee.  PA is such a wonderful place to be on a Saturday in January.  Forgive my attitude today.  I guess I should be glad to be alive with a roof over my head and a bucket to barf in.  And that my mom will be ok.

Update:  Water is back on.  Yippee.  I can do laundry now.

Update 2:45pm:  Mama is eating some “yucky kind of roast beef thing and green beans.”  They’re treating her for vertigo with a patch behind her ear. Some testing ruled out anything serious.  She’ll be on her way home soon.  Me, I’m maintaining and experiencing a certain degree of relief…  PD tried to exercise and quit, reporting a touch moderate slap of nausea.  Naptime, he decided.

Update Sunday: Mama’s “patch” seems to have some undesirable side effects such as confusion and disorientation.  We spent some time with her today and  my brother is staying with her tonight.  If this doesn’t ease up overnight, I think a call to the doc and a change of meds might be in order.  PD and I both feel better today.  Just need a vacation from the cold and snow, that’s all…

Thank y’all for your concern and kind comments.

10 responses to “YIPPEE!

  1. Keep us posted on Mom.

  2. Ugghhh! What a day you’ve had already. The water being back on is a good start. There is a terrible sickness of some sort going around. I hope that you feel better and that it is nothing more (not that it’s nothing,but…) than that for your mom.

    All my love!

  3. This reminds me of how I spent my Christmas weekend – all nauseated and barfy, lounging on the couch.
    I hope you and your mom are feeling better real quick. But at least you got H2O and no busted pipes.

  4. You & PD get well soon!

  5. And your mom too!

  6. i’m glad your mom is ok, and that you haven’t “officially” gotten sick yet (or PD).

    i’m bummed that you guys are getting hammered with bad weather. daughter said it’s been pretty bad up there and she is MISERABLE.

  7. p.s. just watched snl tonight, i like the fleet foxes too.

  8. Been a couple days since you posted this so I hope everyone is all better now.

  9. Guess I fell off the wagon for a few days. Hope Mom and you are ok. Have a great weekend 🙂

  10. LG: Mom is feeling way better, they’ve moved around some of her meds and that has helped with the nausea. She’s scheduled for a few tests starting tomorrow, I’m hoping for the best. Thanks, dear 🙂

    Natalie: You’re a good friend and I miss you!

    M+: Thanks for the kind words. I like that word, “barfy”

    Jeff: Thank you very, very much. I think we did 😉 And I hope you’re well on the Recovery Road.

    P’let: Did I give you any Fleet Foxes music? I got a bunch if you want some.
    Hammered again tonight by the looks of it.

    Lu: Yeah, just really busy with work and what’s left of my life…

    Joey: Don’t let it happen again, dude 😉 What’s this thing you call “Weekend???”

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