delurking day 2009

(Gah! Pretend the pic is centered…)

I wasn’t planning to post today but when my Amigo asks me to do sumpthin’,  I have a real hard time ignoring him.  He pointed out that today is Delurking Day and since he provided this adorable little graphic to accompany the reminder, I could hardly ignore it.

So if you happen to be a lurker here, you’re encouraged to come out of the closet and grace us with a few words.  It’s rilly cold here today so I suggest maybe you keep the trench coat buttoned up… 😉

Now I’m off to delurk myself.  Oh wait.  I’m not a lurker anymore.  Never mind.

Hope you’re all doin’ good.  I’m feeling better but I still got no life.  Thanks for the nice things you wrote on that last post.  I love you guys.  Later, then.

12 responses to “Attn: HALLMARK ?!

  1. Thanks for the New Year’s Wishes….I have your blog in my reader so I have been reading although I haven’t had time to comment anywhere these days. Like you, I don’t have enough time in the day!!! Hope you have a great New Year and don’t drop off the blogging planet completely, we would miss you terribly.

  2. Hey lady, I totally ripped off that image for my own blog post. Thanks for reminding me about Delurking Day, as I’ve been looking forward to it, but wasn’t sure when it was.

    Hope you’re doing well!

  3. I thought that was last week. Lurk, lurk.

  4. Mishka: Thanks for saying hi and for the New Years wishes. I plan to be back to normal one of these days…

    LG: I’m ok and hope you are too 🙂

    PM: You are my first official lurker, altho I believe you left a comment once before… Great to see you here, Lady 🙂

  5. Just because I don’t comment doesn’t mean I don’t read. I will try to comment more often knowing that you are a comment whore.

  6. you know what is funny? i was just thinking about asking people to delurk over at my place. and then i show up here today and by golly you’re requesting the de-lurkers!

    i think i did it once before and everyone ignored it, b/c they hate me.

  7. Reading through your comments to this post, I do believe that I will lurk around the comment that Hazel made about you being a “comment whore.” I wish that there were more “comment whores” like you around, Winker-Doodle. I do not like one sided conversations and find that a well balanced conversation with both parties contributing is refreshing and rewarding. There are times, not in spite, that I will not visit someones site just because they will not take the time to respond back to a comment that you took the time to give. It’s kind of like walking through a store a you take the time to node or say hello to a person you are crossing paths with and the person looks you dead in the eye and looks completely right through you without a word spoken. This comment is not a hostile one, nor directed toward Hazel. It’s just a glitch that I believe we have in the blog world and in life. Like my wife says, “Convenience has isolated us, and given us a excuse, from meaningful contact with mankind.” Ok, I have lurked long enough…and I like it when you lurk.

  8. Hi Linda,
    I do hope that everything is going well. Get lots of rest and when they stop tormenting you with these ridiculous hours at your work get in here and make me laugh! 😉

  9. Sorry! I read daily and often don’t comment. I don’t mean to be a lurker! Maybe I’ll just start saying “I was here” when I don’t have anything really to say……kind of like now.

  10. I’ve done more lurking than usual this season. With good reason I always refer to this January/February period as “the dark ages.” I get up to go to work, and it’s dark. I get home to have dinner, and it’s dark. Just remember: Better living through chemistry.

  11. Hazel: This wasn’t really a plea for comments… It was one more futile attempt at luring out the lurker(s). lol. How’s that for alliteration?

    DP: Me too. Why don’t they like us? We’re smart and beautiful and witty and by geeze, other people like us. hee hee.

    Joey: Wow, you found a lot of ways to use the word “lurk” 😉 I’m like you, in that I believe that “connecting” is what it’s all about.

    Jeff: Thanks, Amigo. I’m collecting a few “side funnies” that I’ll be sending you, probly on the weekend.

    Natalie: No need to apologize! Hugs for you.

    Brian: I’m glad to know you still come here and I need to get over to your place to get caught up real soon. Thanks, good to hear from you 🙂

  12. Happy New Year!!!!

    Haven’t been online in a while… realized that getting on the net w/ free time was leaving me no ‘me’ time… so i’ve been trying to give myself some of that much wanted me time.

    hope you’re feeling better… and having a good year so far…

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