I  don’t often “do” albums.  Lots of people buy albums and then find out that they like a lot of the songs on it.  Or they don’t.  I’m more into single songs.  Even more so than I am into particular groups.  There are few artists whose collective works thrill me.  Once in awhile I like a song from a band that I don’t care for.   Rarely will I shell out the money for an entire album (unless  I really like the majority of the songs on an album.)  But that’s one of the things that’s so great about iTunes and other music sites.  You buy only the songs you like.  As with digital cameras; you only print the pics you like.  So while your iTunes library may be full of albums and playlists of them, mine has about a million single songs and only about a hundred albums.  (I’m kidding, divide those numbers by 2. wink wink)

I’m not crazy about a lot of the albums I’ve heard this year.  And I’ve not bought a lot.  Since that list is short I’m going to include all the albums I liked or loved this year, even if they were issued before this year.

  • Electric Arguments ~  The Fireman Was never a Beatles fan except for I Wanna Hold Your Hand and I Saw Her Standing There and Seventeen.  Then years later I kind of got into Paul and the Wings for a time and a random hit of any of the Fab Four here and there.  But I stumbled upon this goodie and I really, really like a lot of it, especially a tune called Sing the Changes.
  • Fleet Foxes ~ Fleet Foxes I badly needed a new sound, something completely different from anything I’d ever heard before.  While there are little bits of influences here, namely the Beach Boys and CSNY in my opinion, they’re still in a category all by themselves for me at this point.
  • Only By The Night~ Kings of Leon There is not one bad track on this album and it’s great for setting a mood.  Ok, Caleb singing takes some getting used to but once you learn to decipher his “language” you’ll be hooked too.  Oh yeah, and they’re nice to look at too. 😉
  • Airborne Toxic Event ~ Airborne Toxic Event I don’t know what to tell you except that this is a really fun, exceptionally executed bunch of songs.  A little bit of everything and a lot of emotion.  Oh yeah, and they’re nice to look at too!
  • Wolf  Parade ~ At Mount Zoomer and Apologies to the Queen This is a band that I only discovered this past year and I think they are awesome and I’ll keep looking for new songs from them.
  • Day and Age ~ The Killers I’ve been a Killers fan for awhile.  I played Hot Fuss almost to the point -but not quite- of being sick of it.  Then I didn’t listen to them much again until now with this new release.  If you like the Killers, you’ll love this cd.  There isn’t a bad track on it, imo.
  • Dear Science ~ TV on the Radio This is the 2008 offering from the band.  To be honest, on first listen I was convinced that Return to Cookie Mountain was by far, the better of the two.  Then after having listened to it a few times, I honestly can’t tell you which of the two I prefer.
  • Return to Cookie Mountain ~ TV on the Radio(2006) This was my first taste of TV on the Radio and it was definitely love at first listen.  I was sketpical that they could do better and I think that’s why I didn’t give Dear Science a fair try the first time.
  • Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist  ~ Various Artists I only downloaded this a week or two ago and although I’ve only been able to listen to it about 10 times, I love it.  And I’ve checked out a couple of the artists on here and am already starting to build my Best of 2009 Playlist.

Note:  I had set links for all these albums for you but I got distracted and saved the wrong draft and lost them all, along with about a half an hour of my life. I’m sure you understand that I’m not going to waste any more of my life on a post that I’m totally pissed at…

2 responses to “FAVORITE ALBUMS 2008

  1. that REALLY sucks when you write a masterpiece and it goes away. i’m feeling you on it. hope you are well.

    oh yeah, i can’t fill in my name here b/c it’s automatic due to me being a wordpress person too. reckon i’ll go and change it just to be consistent 🙂

  2. I want to check out these bands.

    The Killers are coming to Dallas Feb. 4. Wish I could go. Dang!

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