MY TOP 40 FOR 2008

In 2007, a bunch of the songs that made my Top 40 list weren’t released in 2007.  Somehow I’m actually catching up with the whole music thing and most of this year’s list is current music.  What isn’t, is music that I found when I’d hear an artist, fall in love and then listen to everything they’ve ever recorded.  Joseph Arthur is a good example of that. I’d never heard of the guy.  I listened to one song, went crazy and then found out he’d been recording for years and had tons of releases.

I’m not listing the albums these songs are from, that takes too much time (slacker).  And my wrists aren’t up to it (crippled).  Actually, if  I hadn’t started compiling this list a few weeks ago, it wouldn’t even be up now (slappled or crickled, take your pick).  Same goes for my Top Album list which I’ll post in a few days.

Most of these are on You Tube and you can click on the song to listen. They are in no particular order.  Enjoy some or all and let me know what you like.

Sex on Fire ~ Kings of Leon

True Love Way ~ Kings of Leon

Sometime Around Midnight~ Airborne Toxic Event

Innocence ~ Airborne Toxic Event

Wishing Well ~ Airborne Toxic Event

Own Your Own Home ~ Rogue Wave

Chicago x 12 ~ Rogue Wave

Burning for What ~ The Yelling

Paper Planes ~ M.I.A.

Time To Pretend ~ MGMT

Electric Feel ~ MGMT

Kids ~ MGMT

House of Cards ~ Radiohead

Can’t Exist ~Joseph Arthur

Devil’s Broom ~Joseph Arthur

Honey and the Moon ~ Joseph Arthur

White Winter Hymnal ~ Fleet Foxes

Mykonos~ Fleet Foxes

He Doesn’t Know Why ~ Fleet Foxes

Fine Young Cannibals ~ Wolf Parade

This Heart’s on Fire ~ Wolf Parade

Two Silver Trees ~ Calexico

Love is Noise ~ The Verve

Frame by Frame ~ The Honorary Title

Petals ~ The Honorary Title

Everything I Once Had ~ The Honorary Title

I Misunderstood ~ Richard Thompson

Human ~ The Killers

Spaceman ~ The Killers

Lover’s Day ~ TV on the Radio

Wolf Like Me ~ TV on the Radio

Geraldine ~ Glasvegas

Starlight ~ Muse

Supermassive Black Hole ~ Muse

Swimming in Your Ocean ~ Crash Test Dummies

Death ~ White Lies

Love In Our Hearts ~ Electric Touch

Saved ~ Electric Touch

Breakin’ ~ The Music

Sing the Changes ~ The Fireman (guess who this is before you look)

4 responses to “MY TOP 40 FOR 2008

  1. I didn’t see any Toby Keith or Patty Griffin. Two totally different people and styles, just two who I am listen to for a spell. Try watching Toby Keith’s “Who’s Your Daddy?” video on Youtube. It’s good for a laugh. Then watch “God Love Her” by Toby Keith. Little bit of a rebel in me tonight.

  2. this is good to keep for reference material for me, thanks for doing it 🙂

  3. Cool. Some new tunes to check out.

  4. Ok Winker-doodle….time for a new post…hee hee. Got a new one up today. Have a good weekend and give me some good feedback on the post with your thoughts.

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