It’s cold here.  I’m sure it’s worse in lots of other places.  That’s all I have to say on the subject of the weather.

Here at our house, we’re getting ready to celebrate a couple of things.  One of course, is the Birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It’s important to me to keep this the center of our focus in this busy season.  PD calls it “Silly Season” due to the predominance of crazy things that people tend to do in the name of Christmas.  First and foremost (of those crazy things) being… and how do I say this…  To him it seems that lots of people decide to be nice and cordial and generous when they can’t seem to pull it off any other time during the year.  He has no time for these people and their transparent “good intentions.”  He figures, and I tend to agree with him whole-heartedly, that if they can’t be nice all year long, why pick this time of year to practice?  I swear to you, I work with a woman who only speaks to me in December.  She starts out slow in the first couple weeks with a casual “Hi” here and there.  And then, by geeze, the second week in she’s actually formulating sentences.  And man, oh man, Christmas week she literally oozes with chattiness.  Yes, it is disgusting.  I have discussed this with a couple of co-workers and the consensus seems to be, “Well, yeah, now that you mention it, she does the same with me!”   WTH?

Anyway, that’s all I have to say on the subject of Christmas Dorothy her.


The other celebration is that of the grandson, Julian’s, birthday.  Which not only falls on the same day as Jesus’,  but 1OO years to the day that my Grandfather (God rest his soul) was born.  (If that isn’t enough of a coolincidence, my cousin has a granddaughter who was born on the 100th anniversary of the birth of our Grandmother.  I kid you not.)

This Christmas Julian will be nine years old and he is the most awesome, interesting, handsome, articulate and talented 8-year-old that I know.  Heaven knows what another year will add to that!

So let’s wish a very Happy Birthday to Jesus and Julian.  🙂

My apologies to Jesus, as I do not have a current photo to share.

8 responses to “BRRRRRR…TH DAYS

  1. LOL. No current photo to share. Too funny. Happy Birthday to Julian. I had forgotten he was a Christmas baby. How do they separate his birthday from Christmas?

  2. Lori: When they are here in PA for the Holiday, we have his party on Christmas Eve. Since he’s been adopted by Mr. JuJu, they celebrate that as sort of a “half birthday” on the day he was adopted.

  3. Wonderful post!
    P.Dave is a Christmas baby, too. I love all the coincidental – or should I say Providential – connections. Very cool.
    I will wish you a very Merry Christmas now, in case I don’t get to later. And pass my sentiments on to PD, too. Big hugs!

  4. Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoy the holiday how ever you may be spending it!

  5. This is interesting to me because I was brought up in the Church of Christ, which doesn’t set apart Christmas or Easter or any other popular Christian holiday. They say that every gathering of Christians is a celebration of the birth, life, and the resurrection.

    As a result, I was taught from the beginning that Christmas is a secular holiday. I still feel that way as an adult because Christianity chose the dates of Christmas and Easter to compete with pagan holidays.

    I like the “true meaning” idea, though. It’s very cool to remember that someone like Jesus lived right and we can all learn a lot from that.

  6. That’s great.

  7. Unlike Mark, I do not believe that Christians chose to celebrate Jesus’ birth to “compete” with Pagans. No need to. Merry Christmas!!!

  8. that is a cute boy there! luke’s 7 now and i’m not sure what to do about it b/c i’m not sure i like the growing up thing.

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