Good question.  Besides working on finding my way around the new WordPress digs, you mean?  Well.  I’m sitting at the diningroom table in front of this machine but I’m looking around at an undecorated house, over at a huge mound of shopping bags, up at the clock and realizing that before I can go to bed and rest my weary, mall-abused bones, I’m going to have to haul the just-dried sheets out of the dryer and put them back on the bed.  After I ask dear PD to help me flip the mattress.  I can’t put that off any longer.  So I guess you could say I’m all over the place, figuratively speaking.  Need.  To.  Focus.   There is only so much one can cram into 24 hours.  You would think I would learn never to shop for Christmas without a list.  Not when you have a family the size of  mine.  If you know me at all you know that I’m as easily distracted as I am overwhelmed.  I better tend to those sheets.  Give me a few minutes, I’ll be back.

Okay.  Check a few more chores off that never-ending list. Focus. Harder.

Did I mention that we were in danger of not having a Christmas tree?  I should say a tree that fits in our living room.  You see, we have this beautiful tree that’s about eight feet tall and looks amazingly real.  It has graced our home and helped us celebrate Christmas since we bought our house in 1997.  And I just assumed that it always would.  Then, right before Easter we bought our new sectional furniture and monster chair.  And coffee table that rivals, in size, a twin bed.  I exaggerate, but only moderately.  Our beloved Christmas tree would never fit in our living room. So, to make a very long story (no, make that a 3-week-long saga) short, we searched and found and…finally today, purchased a smaller tree.  I don’t really want to go into the whole deal with the department store and how they screwed us like four times until PD finally black-mailed convinced the store manager to contact another store and tracked down the tree we wanted and actually sell it to us at the original sale price that we were promised 3 weeks ago.  (Not only was that a run-on sentence, I’m not even sure it’s a complete one but at this point, we don’t really care, do we?)  There is so very much more to the story but it’s not only unbelievable, it’s also boring. No, the store wasn’t Walmart.  And no, the tree doesn’t have a Martha Stewart tag on it.

So the tree is undecorated, but it’s up.  So there are no sheets on my bed, but the mattress is turned. I also noticed that I have a Holiday themed header up there but nowhere does it say that this is One Wink at a Time.

I gotta go focus.  Did you see the Moon tonight?

7 responses to “WHAT AM I DOING?

  1. We bought a skinny tree last year and we love it. Not only does it fit into our living room, but when you put presents under it, it gives the illusion of lots of presents. The kids look under the tree and see it is packed and think they are getting the best Christmas ever!

    Love the falling snowflakes, although they were kind of distracting when I was reading.

  2. Jeff: Hadn’t thought of that perk…
    Winter will be over before we know it and the snowflakes will be history. I’m planning to have tulips popping up from the bottom of the page then. ;-P

  3. Bob and I just decorated our tree last night. It looks as fake as any tree ever has, but we don’t care.
    You still have plenty of time to get to decorating. I know of families that actually wait til Christmas Eve to decorate their trees. You’re already way ahead of them…

  4. Guess If I like Christmas.

  5. M+: “as fake as any tree ever has,” made me laugh. I always used to decorate my tree on Christmas Eve. In fact, the last time I did was the night JuJu went into labor with my grandson. That was nearly 9 years ago now.

    TC: You do not.

  6. i’m still pissed about pd’s tree from last year.

    glad that you at least got the damn tree and put it up 🙂

  7. Piglet: PD was touched that you remembered.
    Thanks xo

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