Tell Santa what you would like for Christmas this year.  You can be all philosophical and philanthropic if you’d like, but it’s more fun to just be honest 😉

Me, I would like:

  1. a stack of iTunes cards about four inches high
  2. to fit into my skinny jeans
  3. tickets to the Airborne Toxic Event show in March
  4. a vacation
  5. health and happiness for friends and family
  6. and of course, world peace

* * * * * * this would have looked real pretty the whole way across, huh?

15 responses to “YOU CAN’T SIT ON MY LAP

  1. 1. a maid
    2. to win the lottery $206 million
    3. to have a fabulous holiday party where all my friends and family could and would attend
    4. to lose 50 pounds
    5. a trip to someplace warm where I can show off my hot bod, that is 50 pounds lighter.

  2. No more Mistylook? Forgive me if it’s been a while. Many times I just read your content in my RSS reader and don’t comment. Cool banner.

    1. a new fence, all the way around, treated
    2. a new, fuel-efficient car
    3. a Nikon D300
    4. mountains closer to the Dallas metro area — seclusion included
    5. an eliptical “bike”

  3. A maid for sure
    some weights because the gym I go to never has the ones I like
    Workout clothes
    Gift certificates for the mall
    The reaction from the kids when they come down stairs Christmas morning and see that Santa has been there. That will be the best present of all.

  4. 1. To feel better
    2. loads of expendable cash
    3. cheese doodles
    4. more energy
    5. a better attention spa…

    oh look, a chicken!

    I never get tired of that joke, ever!

  5. 1. To be commited to the end
    2. Better patience
    3. Control my tongue
    4. Reap from the good areas that I have sown in
    5. Sex without asking for it….just trying to be funny after 18 years of marriage 🙂

  6. 1. Someone special to spend all the rest of my Holidays with.
    2. To be independently wealthy – enough that I could be generous with my giving, but wouldn’t have to work. But I’d still retain a somewhat modest lifestyle.
    3. To know my kids are doing OK in their lives, and that they’ll be OK when I’m gone.
    4. Good health.
    5. That everyone would remember what it is that we’re celebrating on Christmas Day!

  7. Bailey: I want to come to your party AND someplace warm to show off your bod!

    Mark: You missed the Tattoo Parlor??!!
    Hope you get your wishes 🙂

    Lori: Good list!

    Jeff: Oddly enough, *wink* I never get tired of your jokes either. Hope you get your wishes.

    Joey: I’d say all your gifts are well-deserved AND attainable 🙂

    M+: I could have written this list for you easily.

  8. I like your header….festive!

  9. cute snowflakes!

  10. Joey and Hazel: Thanks 🙂

  11. Howdy, stranger. You left a couple of comments on my creative writing blog awhile back and, shamefully, I never thanked you for the kind words and appreciated feedback. Well, I hope that it’s never too late…. for anything, really.

    I’ve put up some new words since you last visited. Maybe you’ll check them out. It’s a creepy story, so ya know.

    Oh, and what I want for Christmas:

    1. My unborn child to keep growing without a hitch.
    2. My sister to quit drinking and take care of her son.
    3. The ability to slow myself down every once in awhile
    4. Giftcards to Half-Price Books
    5. Global stability
    6. Kisses

    Now, I’m going to look through your blog some more. Merry Christmas.

  12. 1. Beer
    2. BBQ
    3. be in a blues club with the first two

    Go back to New Orleans

  13. Believe it or not, I kinda figured you’d already know what was on my list.

    I have to say. Not only do I love your header, but the snowflakes are a wonderful touch. Makes my already cheerful Holiday mood even more festive. Now if you’ll excuse me, I hear a grocery store aisle calling out for me to dance…

  14. 1. For you to blog on funny topics more. 😀
    2. For JuJuBee to blog more.
    3. The ability to stop time so that I can take naps as necessary.
    4. A puppy.
    5. A spa day.
    6. A vacation for the Vet and me to someplace warm.

  15. K’wit: Very nice of you to visit. I hope you get your wishes and that you have a Merry Christmas too 🙂

    TC: You and your Bs. You’re not hard to please. 😉

    M+: I hope you dance. D’oh!

    LG: I’ll work on that. Just need more time! Ju has even less time than I do…
    What is this thing you call a nap?
    Will Wondercat like a puppy?

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