Not sure why Julia Child popped into my head but I went on my BFF YouTube to find the video of Dan Akroyd doing his impression of her. Did you ever see it? Hilarious to say the least. Anyway, I couldn’t find it but I found this and it made me smile. So I thought it might make you smile too. Tell me your favorite Belushi thing. I think he was pretty entertaining. Can’t believe he’s been gone for almost 27 years! And it just occurred to me, John Lennon died 28 years ago today.  Sheesh.

Tribute to John Belushi


Oh and another thing. Something touched my heart today. Actually, I believe that I touched something in someone and he touched me back.
Amazing how just speaking what’s inside you can do a loop and come back and make you smile.

3 responses to “MADE YA LAUGH

  1. One of the few things I have seen him in is Animal House. I have watched this several times. It’s hilarious! I love when he says, “See if you can guess what I am now?” (then puts food in his mouth and hits his cheeks with his fists to send it shooting out)and says, “a zit! Get it?!”. I was not fortunate enough to have watched him when he was on SNL…or that I remember anyway.

  2. aw, he’s a doll isn’t he? that is awesome he quoted you, that’s big news on his blog b/c he quotes the greats (you!)…

  3. I love the Dan Akroyd Julia Childs bit !!!

    Animal House was Belushi’s best. “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?” – a true classic.

    I live my life in the hope that something that I say, especially when it comes from the heart, can touch someone in a profound way. And it never ceases to amaze me at how often it actually happens. I’m also not surprised to see that it happens to you too. You have a good heart, and I’m sure it’s overflowing with such witty goodness.

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