So yesterday and last night we got a bunch of snow.  Enough that the roads are covered except for the tire tracks.  It’s bright and sunny out but cold enough that I doubt if there will be any meltage goin’ on.  PD just informed me that it’s 27 degrees and added, “Suh-weet! My kind of weather.”  Uh, yeah, his, not mine.

I flicked the news on when I got up to see what the weather would be today and Condoleezza Rice was being interviewed.  Should it bother me so much that an educated person in such a prestigious position would say “ec cetera” and “more crisper and clearer?”  I’m a stickler for proper grammar mostly and little things like this tend to irritate me.  But I had to laugh when one of the questions included the phrase (referring to a situation in which our government didn’t act as maybe it should have) “a failure of Intelligence.” *snicker*

Enough about that.  Except for a related topic.  Earlier in the week an anchor on one of our local news stations said “autustry,” referring to the auto industry.  I wonder if it was a misspeak or if that’s a new word.

On a totally unrelated topic, I’m terribly upset that I’ve been having problems with my wrists due to long hours on the job.  They’re hurting something fierce.  One of my favorite things to do this time of year is sending out Christmas cards.  I write out a ton of them, mostly to people I’m not in contact with through the rest of the year.  Some are relatives, some are teachers I’ve had, old neighbors… most are friends who have moved away and I don’t see often. Sometimes, if I’m pressed for time, I’ll compose a Christmas letter detailing events of the past year, updates on PD’s health, kids’ news, things like that.  But with the way my wrists are feeling, I don’t think I’m going to be able to do it this year.  I feel like I have to “save” them for work.  Typing doesn’t seem to bother me too much, but I can’t see myself handwriting the envelopes.  If I were a more organized person with foresight, I’d have a labelling system in place and could just print out labels.  I don’t particularly care for that idea because it’s even more impersonal than sending a mass letter out, but if I had the time to make an address book on here, I would.  But I don’t.  So now there is one more reason to whine and complain about my job.  I hate that it affects other parts of my life.  My real life.

Sorry this was boring and whiny.  It’s my state of mind today.

6 responses to “THOUGHTS

  1. Hey lady, I, too, have issues with my wrists. You can buy stabilizers that you can sleep in – they call them cock-ups (I’m not joking). They force your wrists to be straight. They really do help.

  2. I have a right-hand cock-up splint if you want to borrow it.

  3. Never enough time to do the things we want.

  4. I have to admit, the snow does make it feel much more Christmasy now. Not liking the cold, but it’s part of the whole package.
    I hope the cock-ups work for you. I’ve known a few people at work who’ve had them. They seem to do OK.

  5. LG and Hazel: PD just informed me that I’m welcome to use his cock-up. Actually he has two, and he said I could do both.
    No, seriously. I forgot he had them. Wrist problems, I mean. I’m getting out of here… *sweating*

    Jack: No kidding.

    M+: It was really cold today!

  6. you made me laugh with your *sweating* comment :), i have carpel tunnel off and on, and it’s really painful. my chiropractoring doctor fixes me up when it gets bad and puts me on glucosamine.

    i wish we could get some of your snow, to balance things out. when i lived up north, the snow and dark got to me.

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