Because I’m pressed for time and I would rather be blogging than doing other crap AND because Jack was nice enough to grant me permission to link to this hilarious post about Anger Management, that’s what I’m putting out there today.  I swear to you, this made me laugh for a good ten minutes.  If you’ve ever had even a tiny issue with a telemarketer, you’ll love this.

(Plz excuse my crappy header.  I’m workin’ on somethin’… For now, this’ll have to do.)

9 responses to “TAKE TIME 4 THIS

  1. Since you brought it up…
    I have to tell you how I handle Telemarketers. I give the phone to my son who begins a conversation by asking the person on the other end to speak up because he can’t hear them. When they comply, he begins to ask “Why are you yelling at me?” And then plays that angle until they finally hang up.
    A true master of his art…

  2. That is good, I needed a laugh, can you send me a few more?

  3. That was hilarious!

  4. Thanks for the link.

  5. Stopping by to just say hello. It’s been a while since I have been in the blogging world. Hope all is well with you and your loved ones. May your days be filled with love and peace.

  6. New post…..yeah, weird huh?

  7. I did mean my post, not yours….you know weird….ramble ramble

  8. M+: That’s pretty funny. Might have to try that 🙂

    Jeff: I’ll sort through some mail next time I get a chance, I’m sure I can hook you up. Here’s something fun; go on YouTube and type in Babies Laughing. And there’s always LOL Cats.

    Hazel: I knew you’d like it. I was going to send it to SO but maybe you can have him read it. Right up his alley.

    Jack: Sure, Buddy 🙂

    Joey: HI! Man, I thought we lost you to aliens or something. I was on your site a week or so ago and it was getting cobwebby over there 😉 Hope you are well, Ramblin’ Man.

  9. I love that joke! My sister, Trailboss, used to work for the telephone company as a repair clerk, So many people called her names and cursed her. She would write their number down on little slips of paper and what they had called her. She would put them in her cigarette carrier thingie and would empty them out on the kitchen counter when she got home. Garry and I and she would pick up names at random and harass them. Often. That, too, was before caller ID.

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