A good friend reminded me via his blog that I hadn’t yet posted about my Thanksgiving.  I could have sworn I had.  My brain scares me sometimes.

Due to work scheduling, the daughter JuJu had to be at work Friday-yesterday-the day after Thanksgiving-The “Black” Day.  The best plan was for her and her family to come here the weekend before.  Which was last weekend.  And they did.  And it was good.  🙂

Waiting for them to arrive, however, was a teensy bit unnerving.  They were to come here late Friday afternoon. The weather forecast was not working in our favor.  There is a “snow belt” between her house and ours and the very real possibility that they may have had to turn around and go home or get a hotel room loomed as their departure (from home) time neared.  Mr. JuJu called me after they had been on the road for a bit and I was partially relieved that they had even decided to come.  Then I was a teensy bit of a basket case for the next several hours.  All I could think of was the movie called The Homecoming (which I believe ended up being a pre-cursor of sorts to the beloved TV series of yore, The Waltons).  The movie took place during the Depression.  The father is away from home, probly looking for work.  If I remember correctly, there might be a snowstorm involved.  The big thing about the movie is that the mother never gives up hope that her husband will be home in time to celebrate Christmas with the family.  (If you’ve never seen the movie, you must.)

I guess you could imagine how relieved I was when they finally arrived.  There was much hugging and kissing and rejoicing.

On Saturday, I cooked my first Thanksgiving dinner.  Yes, my luck finally ran out. *wink*  While I love to cook, there isn’t a whole lot of room to be creative with a traditional Thanksgiving feast.  The best part of the meal, for me, was the fresh smoked turkey.  If you’ve never had it, you should try it.  Woo-ee, it’s good.  JuJu made the mashed potatoes and I did the turkey, stuffing, gravy, corn, green beans, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes w/pecans and pumpkin pie and gingerbread.  PD made the biscuits.  I think that’s about everything.  The hardest part of the meal was getting everything on the table at one time without letting anything get cold.  That takes some real heavy planning! If you’re wondering why this was my first attempt at cooking “the Meal” it’s cause normally my mom or PD’s mom cooks and we help.  Even the son, Michael texted me later that night and said “Thanks for the dinner, it was dee-licious.

That evening we celebrated the youngest grandson, Andrew’s second birthday party.  He wasn’t totally into the whole experience.  Rather nonchalant about it.  I’m not sure if that’s how his personality is going to be or if he was pissed about the confetti on the cake.  He doesn’t say a whole lot, so it’s kind of hard to tell.  😉  But it was so nice to have him here.  He’s growing too fast.   We spent some time dancing and he was smiling from ear to ear.  Madeline and I used to do all the dancing but she’s not as interested.  Plus, she’s getting too heavy for me to hold for very long.  That makes me sad.  I mean, you can dance regular, but I like to hold the little ones so we can dip and stuff.

So that was a big part of our Thanksgiving time together and I’m very, very thankful that we had the whole family together.  I’m really lucky and I know it.

6 responses to “BACK UP AND REGROUP

  1. Sounds like it was a good time.

  2. I am still bummed that I missed it. AND, I want my own grandkids, damnit!

  3. Glad your Holiday went well. Mom appreciated the hug.

  4. i’m never too good with the timing of dinner and getting everything on the table while warm. takes much practice!

  5. Sounds good. Me, I just ate too darn much then spent the rest of the time fretting and worrying.

  6. Jack: Was, and there was way more that I didn’t find time to write about…

    Hazel: You’ll share them with me when they come, won’t you? You were missed, more than you know.

    M+: Yours too. Your mom is so sweet!

    Raino: It’s a real challenge!
    I need to get over and visit your blog, don’t I? I will soon.

    Jeff: I will be glad when you can appreciate food again. It’s one of Life’s great joys!

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