I had thought about putting together a costume for Trick or Treat night and then as the day drew near, I got busy and kind of thought I’d dispense with the idea. I had planned to go thrift shopping and pick up gear to dress as a gypsy. I thought that would be fun and cool. Then I thought, nah.

So tonight was Trick or Treating in our neighborhood from 6pm to 9pm. Around 4:00 I decided to dress for the occasion but had no ideas about what to wear. I thought doing a zombie face would be easy and I could wear just about anything. So I started digging through the Halloween box, pulled out a couple of things and the rest I found in the back of my closet. Talk about a throw-together deal. I’m not sure what I was other than a zombie. I had a plastic top hat on at first and kind of looked like an antique funeral director. But the hat was a cheapie and PD said it looked dumb.

I put my Halloween pictures in my Flickr down there on the right instead of posting them all here. Please feel free to comment on them.

I was disappointed that we didn’t have a ton of trick-or-treaters this year but we did have fun with the ones who came. And we actually had left-over candy. Which will come in very handy next week when my cigarette ration will be down to 9 a day.

Ok, I’m really tired and can’t get warm from being out in the cold.  Although it wasn’t really cold at all.

I guess I better try and find a picture of the rest of my “costume” before I sign off.  This is the best I can do:  (Sorry it’s “Blur City.” )

7 responses to “HAPPY HALLOWEEN :-)

  1. We actually had a ton of trick or treaters this year, way up from last year! I made an amazing discovery too, I’ll let you know about it later!

  2. That is exactly what I look like in the morning. Scares the hell outta SO. You done good.

  3. PD did an awsome job with the scarey decorations!!! (checked flicker) I can imagine it in the dark of night!! You looked cool too!!! Great make-up job!!

  4. you look ahhh sum in these photos! just ahhh sun, y’hear? wow. i love the blurry effect of the second photo btw. cool makeup.

  5. i love it!! love the face w/ the bloody scars. i dressed Naief up as a zombie as well… a baby zombie! 😉

    i always loved the trick or treaters. did you guys put out the finger, eyes and such???

    and left over candy…. i LOVE leftover candy. it’s the best! 😉

    i so miss american candy!

  6. Jeff: I’m jealous. We had a decent amount, but not as many as last year. I don’t know what to attribute it to, the weather was pretty good.
    Totally can’t wait to hear about your discovery. I need some excitement.

    Hazel: LOL. Surely you jest.

    Lu: Thanks.

    Raino: Thanks, it was fun. The blurry was unintentional, either I’m getting shaky in my old age, or blind. Not sure which.

    UN: I checked out your pics, love them!
    Yes, we put out the parts. The kids seemed to love them.
    About the candy, I watched Chief Rock Chef’s video about the “prize” he got (the mug w/the candy inside) and was interested to learn that the candy recipes in different countries are sometimes different. But glad to find that a KitKat is still a KitKat 😉

  7. personally, i love the “costume” and think you look great! i first thought, “gangster” then i read zombie and it look like zombie too 🙂

    are you one of those people that can pull together a sufficient dinner with only three ingredients? i am impressed!

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