Today was cold and wet and rainy and I want my mommy.

But PD and I had the most wonderful shrimp Alfredo for dinner.

I’m sick of the campaign phone calls.  Hank Williams Jr. called last night.  Shouldn’t he be busy singing or something?

I got my quarterly statement from my brokerage service the other day.  I’m scared to open it.  I mean petrified.  PD said, “Well then don’t open it.”  I said “Ok.”

I’m going to bed now.

Play nice.

5 responses to “I GOT NUTTIN’

  1. Don’t worry, it will be over soon enough. We can only hope that whomever we choose to run our country for the next 4 years doesn’t screw it up anymore than it already is.

  2. I and my co-workers were actually enjoying watching the snow flakes whipping around in the air today. Especially with the colorful background we still have.
    I’m not even answering my phone unless I recognize the number. And I’ve stopped paying any attention to my mail, too. It’ll all be over soon…

  3. i’m doing the same, not opening those notices. i’ve received no political phone calls. was it really hank? that bastard.

  4. I got my quarterly also and it was bad. WTF Mate!

  5. Jeff: I haven’t given up hope yet 🙂

    M+: “Snowflakes” sounds mildly nice. “Whipping around?” No. ;-P

    Piglet: It was a recording of Hank. I realized it when I tried to interject…

    TC: I still ‘aven’t looked at it, Mate.

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