This is how I spent my day.

I dug out some clay and made this finger which PD wants to put in a jar.

Then I made two eyeballs out of Sculpey and baked and painted them. Then I put some paint on a plate to look like blood and when it dried, I glued the eyeballs to the plate.

I made an ear out of clay too, but ears are really hard to make. You can tell.

Then I saw that the sun was finally shining and I went outside and took a couple of pictures from my front porch. They’re blurry, but I was cold and shivering and the camera moved a lot.

You’re probly wondering, “Why the body parts?” Well, PD is setting up what looks like an autopsy arena on our front porch.Ā  For Halloween.Ā  He’s been at it all day and I must say, I think he found his best talent.Ā  šŸ˜‰ Ā  He’s frighteningly good at it. I painted some tombstones for him while I had breakfast this morning and then decided to be creative and did some sculpting. Was fun but now I have a big mess to clean up.

I can’t seem to get in a good mood. I think I’m going to opt for a bubble bath and put my jammies on. Then I think I’ll make myself a drink and watch Juno again.

Saturday sure went fast. Damn.

Oh yeah, Piglet wanted to see my new glasses. Here they be.

10 responses to “OCTOBER SATURDAY

  1. You have a great talent there.

  2. Great stuff, there. I almost forgot what it’s like to create something that’s not on the computer screen. I used to love working with clay, but the last time I did was back in 1992 or so (college art class).

    You guys both have talents. Show us a picture of the porch when PD’s finished (is it weird that I just called him “PD?”).

  3. That is so awesome…I wish we would get trick or treaters so I could go hog wild but alas….we won’t have any I am afraid…

  4. i LOVE the view from your front porch… gosh… i’d so love to wake up to that every day! šŸ™‚ le sigh!

    love, love, love the body parts. for a minute, i had to look twice, i thought it was someone’s finger… maybe your own, but then realized it wasn’t! good work, and yeah, ears are hard, i think. the eyeballs are great… just love them.

    what fun to get ready for halloween… it’s maybe my favorite holiday, except for christmas. i just love to scare ppl… especially kids… yeah, i know, i’m cruel that way, but it’s probably from all the scaring my brothers did, my mom, and my older sister, to me when i was a young girl!!!! paybacks are hell… huh!?

    a nice hot bath sounds nice… i loved Juno. watched that on the plane coming back to bahrain from the states earlier this year. such a good movie.

    Happy Halloween…

    love the glasses! šŸ™‚

    cheers… coz i’m having a beer right now…

  5. Hazel: Thank you much.

    Mark: I love clay, it’s so… malleable. If that’s the right word. Never knew you had an art class in college.
    The last person who called PD by his real name here got reamed out and never came back… so that was a good choice on your part. šŸ™‚ Will definitely post pictures.

    Mishka: Hi šŸ™‚ Long time no see. Do they not celebrate Halloween in your neck of the woods? I never thought about that!

    UN: Last year, PD went all out and I was worried the little ones might get scared but it seems they were the ones who were the most fascinated. Go figure.
    The bath was wonderful. I got lavender-scented bubbles and they relaxed me so much that I crashed without the movie OR the drink. But I hope you enjoyed your beer šŸ™‚ I even slept through Cold Play on SNL…
    Love Juno. Watched it when it first came out with JuJu and just bought it recently and am excited to watch it again.

  6. wink. when a started to read this post and saw the fingers, ears etc., the first thing i thought was ‘did she grow up with me?’ ha ha.

    autopsy arena. how cool is that !

  7. Hey, cool stuff. Maybe you should go into the business? šŸ™‚

  8. I love it! I knew it as soon as I saw them it had to do with Halloween decor.
    I used to stand on my front porch for Halloween – in full Klingon armor/battle-gear. I scared more adults than kids. But then again, I was giving away candy…
    I don’t get any trick-or-treaters at my house nowadays. I just live in a weird spot on the road, at the bottom of a hill, with no houses on the other side of the street. So there’s no longer a point to decorating.
    I love the view from your front porch. Mine isn’t quite as nice, but I’m not complaining.
    Nice glasses.

  9. those body parts are awesome! seriously, you need to tell me how you made the eyes.

    love your new spectacles, very sexy šŸ™‚

    i’m still in a semi funk myself, surely it’ll pass soon… i started on the chantix again and that may have something to do with it.

  10. Raino: I think I addressed this on your site šŸ™‚

    Jeff: Thanks. Would you shoot my catalog pics?

    M+: I’m picturing you on your porch. šŸ™‚

    Piglet: I just made orbs out of Sculpey and baked and painted them. It’s fun!
    Back on the Chantix? All the best luck to you. Hope you’re less funky now.

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