>Kings of Leon ~ True Love Way

>Kings Of Leon ~ Sex on Fire

>Kings Of Leon ~ Manhattan (lots more on this page)

>KaiserCartel ~ Oh No

>Peter Bradley Adams ~ The Longer I Run

>TV on the Radio ~ Wolf Like Me

>Jolie Holland ~ Mexico City

>Leona Naess ~ Charm Attack

>Leona Naess ~ Un-Named

>MGMT ~ Kids and  Everything else

>The Verve ~ Love is Noise

Actually I’m listening to all 4 Kings of Leon cds over and over and these others intermittently in between.

I just discovered Leona Naess and she’s really great.  She’s been recording for quite awhile, not sure how she got by me.

I got the new TV on the Radio that just came out, Dear Science.  I’m not liking it as much as Return to Cookie Mountain, but they’re a great band.

The Longer I Run, I just stumbled across on iTunes and really liked the song, it seemed to suit my mood lately. I’m not familiar with Peter Bradley Adams but I may just check him out.

I’ve been listening to MGMT for ages and I’m happy to see that they’re finally getting their due.  I was surprised and glad to see them on the cover of my November Spin.

KaiserCartel, I know nothing about, I just heard the song and liked it alot.

Jolie Holland, I just always loved her voice and Mexico City is on her newest album, Catalpa.

The Verve, no explanation necessary 😉

2 responses to “I’M LISTENING TO…

  1. you missed Leona Naess because she’s been so all over the place as an artist (struggling to find her true voice me thinks), beautiful girl though. you’re sending me back to Kings of Leon this morning (so far, they never live up to the hype on record, my LIVE – oh my god). Kaiser Cartel are great, saw them at Monolith this summer. kinda understated, but cool (their CD is CHARMING). Peter Bradley Adams – until i get wind he’s gonna try to be as close to how cool he was with eastmoutainsouth, i’m staying away (his solo stuff is boring). Cheers to the Verve!!! Thrilled they are back!

  2. Chuck: Hi, thx for stopping by. Since I posted this, I listened to more of Leona and I think I like her.
    I cannot imagine seeing KOL live, I think it would kill me (in a good way…)
    I didn’t know PB Adams had been with a band. I’ve listened to more of him too and have to agree, zzzzzzz.
    Wish you’d left a forwarding address, it’s hard to find ppl who listen to the same music I do… 😉

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