I’ve been trying to keep my mind occupied lately, mostly because there is so much going on that bothers me in the world that makes me feel helpless. Rather than fret and worry and wind up with a headache and anxiety which have been plaguing me lately, I’ve chosen to fill my mind with calmer thoughts. Or at the very least, things that don’t require a Tums or a Xanax before it’s all thought through.

Something that puzzles me… Salt has become a big NoNo in so many of our diets. Or sodium, whichever. It’s a natural substance, as is sugar. There are umpteen sugar substitutes on the market, designed to be lower in calories or better for you. Granted, some of those sugar substitutes are more like poison than sugar… My question is this… why hasn’t there been a salt/sodium substitute created that is less likely to affect high blood pressure? Me, I don’t use salt routinely, nor do we cook with it. I seem to crave salt now and then and those are the only times that I use it, figuring that my body must need it if I’m craving it. Same goes for chocolate and nicotine. That was supposed to be funny. But seriously, why no substitutes for salt? I know there is Sea Salt on the market and we’ve looked into it as PD’s diet is way way low sodium but there doesn’t seem to be much less sodium in it than in regular table salt. I haven’t researched this before asking, but I’m thinking that if there is a sodium substitute out there that’s better for you, we would have heard about it.

One thing in the news today that I just couldn’t block out. Levi Stubbs died. One more great voice and talent to add to the Big Band in the Sky. Details here. Here is a YouTube vid of Billy Bragg performing a song I love called Levi’s Stubb’s Tears, in case you’ve never heard the song. And here’s one of my favorites of the Four Tops performing in 1965, which I’m sure you have. Yeah, some of you weren’t even borned yet…

K. I’m outta here.

Update: JuJubee has informed me, here in the comments, of two available salt substitutes.  Then, in an IM conversation, she alerted me to a few others.  Which is just further proof of my usual cluelessness.  Plz disregard all that salty talk up there…  Thanks, JuJu ❤


  1. Booboo, I miss my wonderful almost daily postings from you. And if something is on your mind, talk to us. We’re here for you. Always.

  2. L’Girl: *gulp* Is it that obvious???
    Yeah, I’s be habin’ a ruff time… when I’s ready, I’ll spill…
    Thanks fer bein’ dere. 🙂 I owes you mail.

  3. Look for NuSalt or NoSalt as salt substitutes…:)

  4. listen. relax and take care of yourself. nothing is worth headaches and anxiety.

  5. Well I was going to tell you to try Mrs. Dash but then you put on the update so never mind. Levi Stubbs? Yeah I had to follow your wikipedia link for that one. While I had heard of the four tops, I could never have named any of them!

  6. Why don’t you try Kona Sea Salt? It is 25 to 50% lower in sodium than regular sea salt. The reason? It is from 2,500 ft deep in the Hawaiian Ocean where the sea water has a different composition. See the more tab on the websit to learn about deep ocean water and contact me to get a grinder bottle free.
    I share your loss of Levi Stubbs–what a great singer.

  7. Ya know, I have always enjoyed/appreciated performers like the Four Tops and the Temptations, etc – all the classic R&B vocalists of years gone by. But like Jeff, I would’ve never been able to tell you any of their names – though Smokey (and the Miracles) is one name (and voice) that jumps out at me.
    Something I’ve learned from my experiments in cooking; you can live without salt. Seasonings are meant to enhance the flavor of the food you’re preparing. There are plenty of other seasonings that can be used to bring out the fullest flavor of whatever you would be using the salt on. But that’s just my two cents…

  8. Thanks, everybody, really. 🙂

  9. sea salt is good.. but be careful about how much you use. i’ve had problems in using too much in some recipes and then it’s just sickening!

    there’s that one substitute out there… or rather a non-salt. have you tried that? my mom used to use that. the problem is… w/ products today, there’s already so much salt added for preserving… no wonder ppl have so many problems w/ sodium!

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