I got kind of excited when this establishment (aka car garage) down the hill from me advertised a Drive-Thru Coffee feature.  Not quite so excited about it now.

Since my photography skills leave quite a lot to be desired, the sign above the door reads: “ENTER HERE FOR MO-JO.”

10 responses to “ALLRIGHTY, THEN…

  1. You need to send that to Jay Leno!

  2. I would’ve driven thru anyways…

    Isn’t that false advertising?

  3. I could use some MO-JO

  4. Okay, I miss really long posts about your lovely family. Hurry….light..fading…can’t..breathe…need more One Wink.

  5. holy crap that’s funny! send to leno, or the “fail blog”. bastards, leading folks on like that with the word coffee in it should be dealt with accordingly 🙂

  6. Logic Yellow

    It could be the healthy alternative to drive-thru, viz. get out of your cars (…lazy yanks).

    Since I’ve come accustom to some of your ways, I have to ask – was there a hole in the wall at the other side?


  7. I’m with Hazel on this one.

    I love your artsy Used Cars banner.

  8. ok… this is too much like Bahrain! 😉

  9. Update: Romo’s seem to be now building a drive-up window on the side of the bldg. Finally 🙂 They’ve been open and operational for a couple of months now.

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