I don’t know how many of you read Hazel’s Three Time Loser.  Or you may know her from the Peevery.  I do know that some of you who know me in real life, know her as my little sister.  And if you do, then you know how lucky I am.

PD and I were discussing her today over lunch.  PD has always admired Hazel’s forthright manner and honesty.  I’m not sure if those are typical qualities of a second-born child, which she is, but they are a refreshing contrast to the diplomatic sugar-coating that I’m so cursed with accustomed to using to deal with people.  It’s just natural for me, most importantly to cause no waves or conflict.  Hazel is Hazel.  If she likes you, great.  You’re in for a rare and wonderful treat.  She says it like it is, no beating around the bush.  I am deeply envious of her courage and ability to just say what she thinks.  And if there are consequences, she can handle those, too.  I think one of the reasons that I’m better at writing than I am talking is because before I utter a sentence, I go through this whole damn scenario in my head wondering what I’m saying is going to sound like and how it will be received by whomever I’m speaking to.  Lots of times it’s too much trouble and I say “screw it” and just don’t say anything.   If Hazel ever did this, I would be surprised.  Her convictions are strong and she’s ridiculously smart.  So if she says it, (seriously) she means it.  And if she says it with humor, you will laugh.  Her sense of humor can be dry and sarcastic and she’s made me laugh to the point of tears a gazillion times.  She’s got a gift for it.

I’ve not been a typical “big sister” to Hazel and I regret that.  Growing up, I was not the one who gave her advice about boys or clothes or make-up.  I was (am) two years older but I was always intimidated by her.  She was way more outgoing than I.  She had more boyfriends and was involved in more school activities.  She had a job before me and her own car.  I was the quiet, gawky, artsy hippie who brooded and read books.  She was the cheerleader who was always invited to parties and never stayed home on a weekend night.  I preferred being alone in my room with my music and books.   I was busy thinking and dreaming while she was doing all the doing.    We weren’t close…  I’m not sure if it was more that I was intimidated by her or that we were just so damn different.

At any rate, you may be wondering the reason for this post.  Hazel recently celebrated her birthday and today we’re honoring her with a surprise birthday party.  She’s been on my mind constantly since we started making plans for the party and I’m realizing even more than usual what a wonderful and loving human being she is.  I don’t know anyone else who constantly puts other people and their needs before her own.  There is no favor that she won’t gladly grant you.  She always finds the bright side of any situation.  She manages to do more in a week than I could hope to accomplish in a month.  She’s focused and adept.  Her brain amazes me.  She’s a whiz with finances and business things that I couldn’t comprehend even if I were able to concentrate long enough.  She’s great with people and animals.  She’s got heart.  Big heart.  She comes across as a pretty tough cookie and I could pinch her sometimes when I find out, after the fact, that she’d been dealing with something difficult.  She’s stubborn and I wish sometimes she’d just forget to be Superwoman and lean on someone instead of being the leanee so often.

I could never express here what a great lady she is, you kind of have to meet her to really believe what all is wrapped up in that little bundle of a sister of mine.  I could write ten more paragraphs.

I hope she’s surprised when she sees a whole bunch of people who love her gathered together in her honor.  And I’m glad that it’s Us doing something for Her, this time… kind of a little pay-back for all she’s done for all of us.  And I truly hope we get a nice warm sunny day!

I Love You, Happy Birthday.

10 responses to “MY LITTLE SISTER

  1. I hope it was every bit the surprise you wanted it to be. And I hope Hazel enjoys it every bit as much as you want her to. May she have a very Happy Birthday, and many more to come.

  2. I love you too, Hazel and I am so bummed that I couldn’t be there to help your old feeble self out of the car. *sigh*…

  3. Aw, shucks. That’s about all I can say right now.

  4. What a beautiful post.

    Having her in my life has made me a better person.

  5. I was so touched by this post which is why I couldn’t comment properly last night. Many surprises revealed to me yesterday, including that you were intimidated by me as a kid. ( And that you spent time in your room with books!) I thought you considered me a twit and that’s why we never really clicked. I think I was the way I was in an attempt to “fit in.” I was shy and unsure of myself and just tried to blend in. I was envious of your ability to be a non-conformist and your self-confidence. And I think you are giving me way more credit than I deserve as far as being focused and adept. Just sayin’.

    Thanks again for the great party. As much as I hate being the center of attention, it was a wonderful to have everyone together.

  6. Aww, I missed this post. I hope you had a great birthday and party Hazel. I only know you from here and three time loser but if Linda thinks this highly of you than you must be one awesome person!

  7. M+: I truly think she was surprised and I think she had a good time. Will post pics soon.

    Ju: Having you and your family there would have made it that much more enjoyable. Wish you could have seen the “getting out of the car,” was sooo funny.

    Cherie: Having you there was wonderful. Thanks for all your help too! I’ve said it before, but Hazel is lucky to have you as a friend. And vice versa 😉

    Hazel: Sheesh, we really are overdue for a heart-to-heart, aren’t we??? Hell yeah, I was intimidated by you, you were a whirlwind! Never once thought of you as a twit, that’s preposterous! LOL I’m very surprised to hear that you were shy and unsure of yourself. Wish I’d known all this, I’d have hugged you all the time 🙂 I laughed out loud when you used “me” and “self-confidence” in the same sentence. omg. I’m just really glad we got over our differences and can appreciate each other now.
    Giving you the party was a pleasure for all involved. And I have to tell you, your boys and Kim are awesome. But you knew that already.

    Jeff: I am a great judge of character ~ which explains why I am such a big fan of YOU 🙂

  8. i love to hear siblings talk about how they grew up and the things they thought about each other. many times, you can talk to every sibling and it sounds as if they were raised by different people.

    this is such a sweet post for your sister and i can feel the love! how awesome that you two can “start” over as adults 🙂

    happy birthday hazel!

  9. what a beautiful post!! you’re a wonderful sister.

    glad to read something as touching as this….

    i hope your sister had a wonderful time… hope she was truly surprised!

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