Just wanted to say “Hi.”

I miss my laptop where I have a nice list of bookmarks that makes reading my daily blogs much easier and faster than it is here on the “Family” computer.  If I haven’t visited you lately, it’s either because I’ve been crazy busy or don’t have you on my blogroll for whatever reason.

How are you all, anyway?  This seems to be a very slow week in Blogworld, everyone must be busy.  Or depressed with the weather here in Western PA which all of a sudden has turned yucky.

Does anyone have any big plans coming up for the weekend?  Or for Halloween?

That’s about all I have for now.  Past my bedtime.  Did I mention how badly I hate working overtime?

7 responses to “NOT MUCH OF ANYTHING

  1. Agree with the overtime, which I don’t get paid for. Sometimes being paid a salary sucks, wait I mean all the time.

  2. Get well soon laptop!

  3. Cool reader to your blog. What models are on the lot with good MPG?

  4. No plans for the weekend that I can confirm at the moment. As for Halloween, still too far away to know.

  5. Well, on October 18th my friends band, Suffer The King, will be playing at a show called “Taking Back Halloween”. Not quite Halloween but close enough for me.
    Then on November 5th, a good bit after Halloween, my favorite band, Disciple, is going to be playing at a local club. I am so stoked about that!
    And there you go, my plans in a nutshell!

  6. Bailey: That, girlie, is the only thing that would make it suck more.

    Jeff: The router is in the mail (supposedly…)

    Joey: Thanks. I’m guessin’ they’re all pretty good; this pic is like, from the ’50’s.

    M+: You’ll keep us posted 🙂

    Jeff: Sounds like some cool plans. You’ll take pictures? And have a good time 🙂

  7. Halloween weekend now looks like a party at church, a Compassion event downtown, and a visit from an old friend.
    That happened pretty quick!

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