So finally today Verizon took all our whining and complaining and hours of phone/tech time seriously and since they had a truck in the area without a full schedule, sent someone over to “look at the problem.”  So now we have all new lines in addition to the new line from their pole to our house which Hulk Hogan Himself installed last weekend.  Every single wire is filtered (or some damn thing) and the amount of wires we have under the computer desk looks like a spaghettifest.  It appears that everything we had under there before is now doubled.  And for all our aggravation, I think we should have free Internet access for the rest of the year at least. Dammit.  Additionally, it seems their modems have been having issues and IF WE STILL HAVE PROBLEMS after all of this, we’re to let them know daily/hourly -whatever it takes- and they will replace that.  As soon as the router people send us the replacement for the junk router we bought, I will be able to reunite with my poor neglected laptop.  I know this all sounds like a big run-around… I truly don’t think the router was a problem in the first place, just people passing the buck making it look like someone else’s problem.  And yeah, this is boring me so I’m done.

I had a really good video posted here last night, The Kings of Leon video for Sex on Fire. (you can try this link but it may not be there. Natalie alerted me that the video turned “sorry no longer available” overnight.  What’s up with that, anyway.)   It’s their hottest (literally) song right now and I wanted you all to see it.  I’ll keep checking YouTube and if it comes back available again I’ll repost.  I downloaded the song (and the rest of the album, Only By The Night) and I have to tell you, it’s AMAZING.  Give it a listen if you’re so inclined.  If you like them, they’ve made a whole series of home movies and they’re on YouTube.  Pretty Cool.  This one will give you a glimpse of Sex on Fire at 1:49.

My little brother left yesterday to a place far across the ocean to serve our country in the National Guard.  Which by the way, Kid Rock has developed a fondness for and has recorded a song called Warrior, somehow connected with Dale Earnhart, Jr.  I haven’t figured out the connection, but, anyway… you can download the song for free by following this link. The song is not something I would listen to more than once, but it’s nice that the Kid is giving some creedence and recognition to our “Warriors.”   I would appreciate any spare prayers you might have lying around for the safety of my little brother, Bill, while he’s gone.  We hope to have him back home by the Holidays.

Yeah, I’ll get to that final post about The Airborne Toxic Event show before the year is out.  I just haven’t had the time to sort out my thoughts and get it on here since I’ve been in a hurry everytime I post waiting for the Internet connection to go out.  Maybe now I won’t need to worry about that anymore.

I almost forgot to mention that Saturday morning drivers in my neck of the woods are suicidal/homicidal maniacs.

5 responses to “EXCUSES, EXCUSES

  1. The National Guard sponsors Dale, Jr’s car.

  2. Your brother has my prayers.
    I’m beginning to think that Verizon is losing business because their service just plain sucks! Maybe Comcast isn’t willing to deal so much because of that, because I just switched from Comcast to Verizon and it’s been nothing but hassles for me, so far.

  3. Hazel: Thanks, Little Seester, for clearin’ that up for me. A racing fan, I’m not…

    M+: Thanks, Buddy, you’re swell!
    This is actually the first big hassle we’ve had (that I recall) and I truly think that the big storm was the catalyst and then a technician had us change some vital information in our system and I think that’s when the whole thing went bad… Oh well, they called tonight to see how we were making out and SAID that we won’t be billed for the days we didn’t have service. I certainly hope they stand by that b/c I refuse to pay for a service that I didn’t receive. And I will NEVER go back to Comcast.
    I hope your service improves, truly.

  4. i so hate internet problems…thankfully ours has been on good behavior as of late 🙂

    i do so hope all goes well for your younger brother. what will he be doing over here???

    i’ve not heard of this band… i’ll check it out. i’m in the mood for some new music.

  5. UN: My brother’s unit does refueling.
    Not sure which band you’re talking about and I’m not sure of your taste. Kings of Leon, I think, is a kind of acquired taste, you either like them or you don’t. But Airborne, I think you’d really like them alot.

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