Tonight I was cleaning out my email and I came across a sitemeter report from awhile back. Out of curiosity, I opened it and there was an entry that caught my eye. I clicked on it and it took me back to this page on my old blog over at Blogger. Remember when each and every post was titled using a Replacement’s song title?  I go there now and then if I’m looking for a particular post for whatever reason but tonight I had a little time and started reading post after post after post. If you ever get bored, click on here and go read. Actually this is for me, not you… Ha! I’m going to come back tomorrow and read some more because I’m shallow and egotistical.  And it’s fun to read old comments, some of those readers are long gone.  No, they didn’t die.  I probly just paid pissed them off or something.  At any rate, it was kinda fun reading.

One day soon I’ll get back to some real posts.  For some reason I’ve had the urge to write teeny little bits lately.  OMG, maybe I AM cut out for Twitter.  Say it isn’t so!  I’m not even going to make a link to it lest I go to the site and get sucked in.

11 responses to “HI, HOW ARE YA?

  1. Nooo – resist the Twitter urge. Lol.

  2. Oh come on, you know you want to!

  3. I know how that goes.

  4. Well, I know I’ve been and not wrote anything for a wee while… so, we’ve had nothing but stinking humidity with every sort of weather for the last week or so.

    Just cause’

  5. twitter wow a bold step for you.

  6. Just say no to twitter. You think you will keep up with it but you won’t. I fell victim to twitter and I barely update there.

  7. If you just check in occasionally, that’s ok. No twitter please.


  8. Twitter?
    Am I the only one here who doesn’t know what that is?

    I visit my archives every so often, too. I like to see the subtle changes in my thought process and opinions. I also like to read the comments that have been left there.
    I, too, have lost many readers. I think most of them just gave up on blogging. It’s not for everyone, you know? It takes a commitment.

  9. L’Girl and Jeff: NO! I got sucked in to MyBlogLog, lastfm, a bunch of other stuff that I rarely visit. I do do Facebook but very almost peripherally. My page is covered with other people’s activities mostly. Blogging is where my heart is. And YouTube. But NO Twitter, I tell you!

    Jack: Um, not sure which “that” you meant, but ok. Thanks for stoppin’ over. Your presence makes me want to write better, more interesting posts. And I really do need to do that. Soon.

    LY: Wee? I think not. I missed you, Dude. I thot you were across the ocean.
    Thanks for the vid, love it, it’s in my Favorites. Sorry about your weather, you should come here, it’s great.

    G1: Not for moi.

    Bailey and Cas: Roger. Over and out.

    M+: I thot you knew Everything 😉
    Yes, blogging takes commitment. Or addiction, as in my case…

  10. i like reading my archives, it gives me a point of reference from where i used to be, to where i am now. not really far, just different.

    oddly, i think twitter has helped my writing or at least it gives me ideas. i am posting less now that i’ve been a’ twittering but i have heard other people mention twitter killed their blog stride.

    our new blog gang name: “bastard whores”.

  11. I do not know everything. I know a little bit of something about almost everything…

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