We’ve had our DSL back all day and I carried with me in my travels a happy little sense that when I got back home I would be able to catch up on all of your collective news and answer my mail.

I was ill-prepared to find that after I’d gone to the iTunes store to check on some music, a red light came on the modem and POOF, my connection was gone. After a reboot, an unplug and forty two cartwheels, it’s back on but don’t know for how long. Anyway…

You wanted to know how I qualify for Ignorant Person status. Here is proof that I am, indeed, one:

On Day One of our garage sale, which was advertised to commence at NINE O’CLOCK AM, I was busy finishing setting up in the garage at 8:10 am with the garage door still closed, when I heard someone come up the driveway. First I thought that the closed door might be a good sign that we weren’t “open” for business yet and the earlybird may have left. Not the case. PD had been adamant when the subject came up, and no, we wouldn’t give in to those “vulture types” (my words, not his) and let them rush us before we were ready. So I went outside and informed the white-haired woman clutching her little change purse that we were not yet ready for shoppers. She looked a little indignant and informed me that she would just look around. I politely told her that she wouldn’t be able to buy anything until 9 o’clock and she was welcome to come back. She promptly planted her hands on her hips, eyes flashing, and said quite plainly and with great conviction, “Well, YOU are an ignorant person!” She turned on her heel and marched away.

No, I didn’t see that coming. And I still can hardly believe that something so ridiculous could cause a person to make such a pronouncement to another. What is it with people anymore?

Now on to something that could possibly make you a little squeamish. < That is your warning.

Last night I agreed to sit with a friend’s two little ones so that he and his wife could go out for a couple of hours. It just so happened that they’d gotten a new puppy and their cat had had 4 4-week-old kittens (had had 4 4!!) and so I found myself with not just two little girls but six animals in my charge. The puppy is still being potty-trained so I took him outside a couple of times. He’s a little thing, so I scooped him up and started in the house when the mama cat came flying out of nowhere and high-tailed it out the door. She ran across the porch and I wasn’t sure if she would go under the banister, so I ran after her and reached down under her front legs to grab her. Well. That was not in her plan. She freaked and scrambled to get out of my grasp and all I saw were paws flailing wildly and then I felt the pain in my finger. By the time I realized that her claw had not only pierced the bottom fleshy part of my index finger, but had gone clear through and come out the other side, (I know!) she was hanging by just that one claw from my finger. It was completely surreal when I realized what was happening. Oh and yeah, it hurt like hell.

Now all I can think about is the gazillion cat germs that are probably multiplying inside my finger… I doused it with soap and water and peroxide, and then put antibiotic cream and a band aid on it. I figure it will have to be amputated at some point. PD said a current tetanus shot will probly not do me a lot of good.

I hope you caught The Kings of Leon on SNL tonite.  Great band.

PD and I spent about an hour today picking up three wheelbarrows full of sticks which were strewn all over the back of our yard, mostly under the cherry tree. My legs hurt already. I’ll not be able to get out of bed tomorrow.

A Happy Birthday to my little sister Hazel today.  Love ya!

9 responses to “A BUNCH OF STUFF

  1. OMG… what a full weekend! and no, you’re not crazy. i can’t stand when ppl come early to garage sales. they do the same here and refuse to leave. there’s no telling them, “no, we don’t open until 9” or anything.. they refuse to listen and just keep looking, picking things up and whatnot. it drives me insane. i’m a stickler for time and such.. so that’s probably why! 😉

    i’m proud of you for being so calm w/ the cat situation. i can only imagine the pain of her claw going thru the meat in your index finger, and it’ll probably hurt for days. i think you’ll be fine, but i’d re-add the meds every day w/ fresh cleaning and such, just to be sure. (as you probably already know)

    i can’t stand computer problems and that’s all we’ve been having lately. one day we’re fine and then nothing for the next week. so so aggravating.

  2. UN: Glad someone shares my feelings. It just seems like common courtesy to me and that seems to be something a lot of people don’t get these days…
    Not sure how calm I was with the cat, it happened so fast. It’s sore today and I get a little nauseous when I look at the two little holes, thinking of the claw going through. I only just now thought about how the poor cat must have felt.
    So today, my laptop won’t go online and it seems to come and go on here. So if I’m not here for awhile, you’ll know why. We are having trouble determining if the problem is with the server or the router. Argghh!

  3. I have shivers running up my back. Oh my god. Those little kittens can be dangerous things. I remember the same type of thing happening to me. I was standing in the kitchen at the counter when one of the kitties actually ran up my legs and latched it’s nails into my back. It hung there for a while.

  4. holy crap! i can’t wrap my mind around the finger thing, that’s stealthy.

    i once had a boyfriend that was bitten by my cat and he landed in the hospital for 3 days. i have to mention he was an ER nurse so even the professionals aren’t as smart as you. at least you had the sense to use the proper tools 🙂

  5. I knew that there was a reason I don’t like cats. 😉

  6. What I want to know is did the lady come back once you “opened”? I can’t believe some people.

  7. Raino: Ouch!

    Piglet: I don’t have a comeback for that but I couldn’t leave you out and answer the other comments. LOL, has this ever happened to you??? Gah! How are you anyway, Sweetheart?

    Jack: I maybe am not so crazy about them any longer.

    LorI: No she didn’t and I’m kinda glad, PD would not have been nice to her.

  8. Well garage buyers are the same here too. They are fanatical about trying to find a bargain, I have gotten to where i give everything away or throw it away. My patience is way too thin for them, plus I waste a whole weekend with the folk going through my junk. I am always suspicious that they are planning on robbing me later. It makes me a nervous wreck.

    Well It has been a couple of days since this post I hope the finger is still attached. It would suck to type one index finger short. You know how bad my spelling is now…. ust imgie wat t wud b lke.

  9. OUCH!! That was painful reading about the cat claw, even worse than when I read about my oldest getting talloned by a red tail hawk! I think that old lady garage sale goer was the ignorant one…don’t we all??

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