EPIC Part Three

I know this post is taking forever but I want it to be RIGHT because you know, the band is going to come across this and read it and see what a dedicated fan I am and invite me to go on the road with them. I’m packed already so it’s just a matter of time.

Next to exit the van was Daren Taylor, the drummer. He was as friendly and gregarious as could be. He seemed excited to take his turn in front of the camera. He was very talkative and genuine and fun. With beautiful warm brown eyes.  I’d read that Airborne totally appreciates their fans and Daren surely was a great example of that. I’d been apologetic for taking up their “down” time, but he truly made me feel like he had nothing better to do than talk with us. After Michael took our picture, he offered to pose with Michael too.

While I was talking to Daren, I became aware of a presence above me and to the left on the balcony where the box office door was situated. Something was said and Steven looked up and answered. When I turned my head I found myself looking straight up into the face of THE Mikel Jollet. I have to tell you, not many things in my life have rocked my world quite to that extent. If I recall, I had just finished making the comment that I hadn’t been so excited since seeing U2 perform in 1985. Well, I never thought I would/could say this but that paled in comparison. I wasn’t prepared for what I felt and hadn’t even realized the respect and admiration that I’d for this man. There he was, in all his glory, casually leaning on the wrought iron railing like it was the most ordinary day in his life while mine was doing somersaults and back flips. Michael described my reaction as much like the little old lady in The Wedding Singer when Adam Sandler sampled her meatballs. (Thanks, Mike) I don’t exactly know the definition of starstruck but I went deaf and dumb. (Ok, dumber.) Up to that point I was comfortable for the most part but that quickly deteriorated into not-too-comfortably numb. I was speechless for a time. When not making a fool of myself became the utmost thought in my head, I gathered my wits about me and started to set about making at least a pleasant impression.

I don’t think I can tell you a single thing I said to him or what he answered back. All I know is that one minute he was up on the balcony and the next thing I knew he was at my side. He’d put sunglasses on. I do remember saying, “I don’t suppose you’d take those off?” while waiting for the picture to snap. I could tell he was trying to be serious when he said, “nope” and I think I said “That’s ok, neither would Bono.” He kind of relaxed then and chuckled. He signed my Spin “So lovely to meet you” and excused himself, he was going for a run.

It didn’t occur to me until I arrived home that I’d neglected to ask Daren to sign the magazine. I was so disappointed, and you’ll see why later. But now I think that I was so enthralled with Mikel that it went straight out of my head. My new quest in life is to track Daren down and get that signature.

I must go to bed. Thanks for reading.

8 responses to “EPIC Part Three

  1. Wow, sounds like you had a really great time. I’m glad you got to met the guys in the band. I have had the opportunity a few times myself with bands I love. Seeing them on stage is great, but getting to talk to them without being a gushing goober is way cooler!

  2. I guess now I’m going to have to listen to some Airborne Toxic Event, because I had no idea who Mikel Jollet was until I read this (and still only know from a quick Google search). Very cool for you, though. There is something about talented musicians that makes music lovers go a little nutso. I try to tell myself they’re just people who happen to work in a different field than I do, but that doesn’t ever quite quell the fan-boy in me. The ability to write and perform songs that move people is just amazing to me.

  3. Aaaaaarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Mark… No.

    Well, indeed if this band could surpass U2 in the mid-eighties well I must’ve been wrong.


    Here’s something, there are lots of instruments?


  4. Jeff: So i didn’t come across as a gushing goober? I hope not… The best thing was that I got to see for myself that their talent and sincerity is genuine. And I’m sure that I have good taste, despite what some may think… 😉

    Mark: Knowing your taste as well as I do, I really think you’ll like the band. They’re definitely not run-of-the-mill musicians. I’d love their music even if they were jerky sorts. I’m glad that you get why I admire them so much, their music changed my world to a degree. It goes deeper than it might seem. There are authors and doctors and teachers, etc. in this world who deserve the same kind of recognition, as well as plenty of performers who do not. Know what I mean?

    LY: I’m pretty secure in my belief that not a lot of music could surpass U2’s music in the mid-80’s. I was referring to the experience of attending the show. I will re-read what I wrote and edit it if that isn’t clear. Apologies if that’s what I inferred.
    I’m not giving up until you at least admit they’re not bad. And if you bought the album solely on my recommendation and still don’t like it by the end of the year, I’ll pay you for it. How’s that.
    Thanks for the vid, I’ll watch it soon.

  5. I like knowing that I’m not the only one who still gets all geeked about meeting one of their favorite bands/artists.

  6. M+: I don’t want to come across as some flaky fan, you know? I’ve seen a ton of bands perform in my life, I realize they’re people, not gods. But I’m inspired by this band and their work in a way that compels me to share. Feel free to help me express this if you’re so inclined.

  7. Well, I have just learned that even the most publically gregarious Christians, can un-rebuke their censorships of the free world, even if they do it in the name of the lord.

    Thank you, Trading Places. As if it hadn’t registered that they [Christians] were somewhat typically non-sincere.

    Yes, I’m making words up -> 1 WINK STYLE…

    For some reason the whole psychic and prophet thing bugs me. You know how its OK if I pee in the bushes, but if the biggest ATC fan did I think there would be a ‘dirty’ tag.

    (NB. Not that I pee in the bushes, unless I’m taking the other hypocrite Bear’s advice to ward off wolves.)

    Anyway I don’t have a video link, I feel disappointed in the human race.

    Would you feel satisfied if I said, they’re not the worst band I’ve ever heard. U2 are pretty bad, at least they’re inconsistent. See who gets that?

    How about instead of paying me back, you told everyone that story… 😉

  8. I understand exactly what you’re saying, Wink. Think about some of my posts about the shows I’ve been to in the last couple of years. I’m the same way you are. I think that’s obvious from my posts about Creation and Purple Door.
    I am also inspired by so many of the artists that I like, and I have enjoyed meeting many of them. I’ve actually had dinner with some of them – as part of the volunteer stage crew thing I used to do years ago (I’d name some of them, but I suspect that Jeff might be the only person to recognize most of the names). And even this summer, I was able to be backstage at both Creation and Purple Door. So I got to meet and chat with some of my new favs. They have all expressed their appreciation for knowing that people like us are inspired by what they do. And believe it or not, we also inspire them.
    Maybe someday, the guys from ATE will write a song about their experiences at Mr Smalls with one of their biggest fans.

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