Mikel Jollet (Airborne Toxic Event) and a Fan 9/2/08

Mikel Jollet and a Fan 9/2/08

I know, I told you you’d have to wait until probly after the weekend, but I just couldn’t wait to see what this would look like here.

Story soon, I promise. In installments, probly.

3 responses to “TEASER

  1. No way ?!?! You are tooooo cool! Now I’m REALLY psyched about reading about it all.

  2. you told him about me right?

  3. M+: I’m not cool at all. Just really, really enthralled with the music this band puts out. And lucky. Yeah, Lucky 😉 You can’t imagine how personable these guys are to the fans.

    Piglet: In a roundabout way, I did. When we got to talking about marriage, I told him he’d have to get in line. HA!

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