In order to do justice to the band, my post about the Airborne Toxic Event show shall be forthcoming. To attempt that just now, at 1:30am after the show would just be ridiculous. ;-P Which is probly how I looked when, well… you’ll just have to come back in a couple days.  Actually, Monday is a good bet

I will say, however, the show was FABULOUS.

8 responses to “COMING SOON…

  1. i love that you live life so fully, it’s the only way to go isn’t it?

  2. Glad you enjoyed the show. I will just camp out right here and wait for details!

  3. Can’t wait to hear about it.

  4. P’let, funny that you said that, I only recently decided that I have to cram in more to get it all done.

    Jeff: Make yourself comfy, there’s beer in the fridge.

    M+: Being that PD has this yard sale planned, I’m kind of busy procrastinating, but I’ll get to it as soon as I can. I had ordered vids from YouTube to entertain y’all in the mean time, but I think we’re Splitsville.

  5. Now, I’m just going to come out with it. Airborne Toxic Event must really crank it up for live shows cause that album is so bad.

    Anyway… Wolf Parade are coming to my town and I’m not going to be in the country. So karma does work?

    Something odd, just pass the time.

  6. LY: While I totally respect your opinion on all that matters, gonna have to chalk this one up to temporary insanity on your part. ;-P And put you on probation for the next two weeks.
    The vid, is that what’s called dustpunk? Didn’t inspire me. Odd is a good word for it.
    You must cancel your trip!

  7. Insane would be saying I prefer the album to Captain Beefheat. (Code for I don’t like Captain Beefheart much.)

    I’m glad you had fun, and that you were as petty to say you weren’t inspired by the odd video.

    You know, Christians historically have been shitty to most of the ‘free’ world, and really shitty to the less than free world. Politics and religion don’t belong together, neither do business and religion – morals and business are different even if you draw your moral compass from some notion that a glorified illusionist died for you to fuck up deals. With the soul of democracy being bled from most of developed society as we talk, I’m thinking I should write a book so that I’ll be pitied – stoned – and a failed conversion effort released to rot without any more ability to teach what real belief is and how it doesn’t come from following a mass of robotic company policy hypocrites…

  8. LY: LOL on the insanity thing…
    Now that video was cool, something I would watch again and pick apart and take something from.
    Was not being petty, just honest.
    Agree that religion does not mix with business or politics. And I’m rarely comfortable with what has come to be labeled as “Christian” these days. Too many zealots and money/power mongers calling themselves moral and upstanding for reasons I can’t quite understand. I dunno, everything gets watered down as time goes on. Except maybe evil and greed which seem to be gathering and recruiting power and followers.

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