I’ve been working on a post but I need the video from YouTube to accompany the post. Yet another reason why I never “work on a post.” I may have done it a couple of times over the years but normally I sit down, write, and click “Publish.” That explains a lot, doesn’t it? It comes out of my brain and into your eyes. Direct shot. Mostly I have an idea, at least, of what I’m going to talk about. And if I don’t, something usually forms in the way of a topic. Or I’ll just spew a bunch of whatever is floundering around in this vast wasteland of a head of mine.

Like now.

Before I forget, Raino commented here a day or so ago and referred to my recovering alcoholism. Just to clear up any confusion, I have never been (and hopefully never become) an alcoholic. I would never have the strength to recover from an addiction of that magnitude. Which is why I have tremendous respect for anyone who is and has. So, Raino, if you’re reading, I’m sorry if I said something that gave you that impression.

This week has been especially hard on me. Haven’t been sleeping and work was more taxing than usual, facing the threat of overtime has a way of inspiring me to work harder than normal. Too bad everyone I work with isn’t affected the same way. But I don’t talk about work here so enough of that. I’m kind of worn out physically and mentally. Seems like there is more that needs done every day and bad news at every turn. Actually, I’m probly more emotionally drained than anything. I’m not looking for sympathy or advice, just venting. What I’m going to do about it is this~ I’m retiring to my room after a nice hot shower with my laptop or a movie or a book and some new music and enjoy my own company for the rest of the evening. I’m also going to savor the fact that today was the last 10 hour day I’ll be working for awhile, until the big OT at least, if and when it comes. :-S

Happy Friday and have a great Labor Day weekend, Friends! Safe travels and good food are my wishes for y’all.


*Update: Just read that Steve Foley, one-time drummer for the Replacements, died Monday. That hurts.

Thanks, Steve, for helping the ‘Mats find a home in my heart, for always.  Happy Trails.

3 responses to “BRAIN DRAINO

  1. Well, at least the 10 hour days are going bye bye. Now if we can both just get healthy enough to enjoy our “free time”! What little there is anyway.

  2. We’re still in the “discussing the implications” phase of going to 10 hour days. I hope it happens because it would free up so much of my vacation time from having to use them for extended weekends – like today! Besides, I’m one of the “old warriors” who used to work five 10’s and an 8 on Saturday because we had so much OT. So four 10’s and three days off is not too far away from Heaven for me.
    Sorry, didn’t mean to “talk shop” here. I won’t let it happen again.

  3. maybe raino got you and i mixed up, i can see how that could happen since we’re twins and all 🙂

    why is everyone dying all of the sudden? i’m done with it, make it stop please.

    you do a damn good job for your inspirational posts my friend 😉

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