The Honorary Title – Stuck at Sea (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

YouTube must love me again. This and the following video were here in less than 5 minutes. I’m not sure why, unless it’s that I’ve been playing hard to get…

The Honorary Title (very cool website) has had my adoration since the first time I heard Bridge and Tunnel, a few years ago. (I may have shared that with you.) This vid is not my favorite song of theirs, but I wanted you to see them perform. The following post is only their music, a song I love. Not long ago I had a terrible time finding much of their music but lately I’ve been happily surprised to find a bunch of their songs on iTunes. Which means that they are now in my iPod. 🙂 Hope you like them. If you do, I also recommend the song below (Stay Away) and Far More, Along the Way and Thin Layer. (apologies for some of the sound quality.) I believe they have been featured on more than one occasion on the TV show One Tree Hill?

2 responses to “WHAT’CHA THINK?

  1. i am going to somehow send you some of my “homegrown” podcasts so you can hear me in yer’ ears 🙂

  2. Logic Yellow


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