Before I get into anything serious (not that there is anything serious going on, I just meant… well, I’m not sure what I meant… gah!) I’m just posting some odds and ends that are banging around in my head. You know, the things that pop into your head through the day and you think “I should post that,” but they never really fit anywhere so they go unshared. That, I think is where Twitter would come in handy, but like I think I said before, I’m not into making any more commitments like that.

I have too much going on to try and cram it all into the next few weeks of summer and am trying to figure out a plan. Haha. Me and a plan? Me + Plan = Hahahahaha.

~My favorite neighbors, H & S, are having an end-of-the-year Pig Roast on the 30th.

~My old friends from Art School who/whom I got together with earlier in the summer (on the sad occasion of a funeral) are planning a party the same day. Any ideas on how I can clone my own bad self would be appreciated.

~One of my favorite, must-see bands, Airborne Toxic Event are in Pittsburgh with the Fratelli’s on Sept. 2. I’m currently madly searching for someone to accompany me. And rueing the fact that the following day is a work day. I only wish to attend with another serious fan, which is proving a little difficult since few of the people I know personally share my tastes. PD does not fare well in loud, enclosed venues.Β  Which contain large amounts of people.

~PD has scheduled our yard sale for Sept. 6 & 7. Lots to do in preparation for that.

~The son, Michael, is moving in with us for an undetermined period of time. Going today to his apartment an hour away to help organize some of the moving.

~I would dearly love to take a weekend roadtrip to hook up with my bff Kate once more before school starts, as she is a teacher. Don’t see that happenin’… 😦

~Need to make a hair appointment as well as an appointment to have my eyes checked. It’s either my hair or my eyes, I believe, which is causing these confounded headaches. I’m sure it’s not the increased amount of wine I’ve been consuming. I only have one more Friday off after today before I go back to working 5 8-hour days. I can get both of those appointments scheduled for Saturdays, but those are filled up too…

~A dear friend has opened a comic book store in a town not far from here and I really need to get there to congratulate him and deliver the obligatory/congratulatory card and bottle combination which has been sitting on my counter for about two weeks.

~Somehow I need to celebrate Labor Day… not even sure when that is, as I write this. Where is my damn calendar?

Need to get out of here now. I have about 15 emails to respond to and lots of blogs to get caught up on. See what happens when you go away for just a few days? Remind me not to do that again πŸ˜‰

7 responses to “RANDOMNINITY (part ?)

  1. Oh comic books, I love comic books. I have a large container of them sitting in the closet. Becky isn’t really happy about that, but I refuse to get rid of them!

  2. Maybe getting a haircut will take care of your vision and the headaches? lol

  3. Wow! That’s a lot. Let me see where I might be able to assist.
    Any time that someone must attend two events on the same day, always attend the one closest to home after the other. There’s a good chance that it will still be in full swing when you’ve decided that you’ve been at the other one long enough. Besides, it’s always easier to get home from the neighbors across/down the street than the party out of town.
    Will there be a mosh pit at your Airborne Toxic Event show? If so, I’ll go !!!
    Can’t help with anything else, except maybe the comic book shop. I’m with Jeff on this one – I love comic books!
    Oh, Labor Day is next weekend…

  4. Jeff: Of course you do, I would be surprised if you didn’t. I have a Smokey the Bear “comic book” that was old when I was little. Forget where I got it, but it’s ancient. Becky’s not happy about that? She’ll deal with it, I’m sure.

    Natalie: Oh, if only it were that simple. Did I tell you about my new hair guy? Love him. I need to call and set up a date. He makes me feel all good about me.

    Michael: New, added twist to that day… We’re borrowing a truck to move my Michael’s “big stuff” that morning. *grin*
    I just got word that the party promises to get rowdier after dark… So that complicates my decision further… *re-grin*
    No mosh pit at this show I’m sure. Which is a good thing, imo. But if there were, I’d be sure and let you know…

  5. wow! lots o’ stuff going on. i would totally go to the concert with you if i were there. you know this πŸ™‚

    not to “hound” you, but maybe b/c you are the friendly/social creature you are, twitter could actually inspire you. just a thought pretty lady. no pressure.

  6. So why is your company going back to 5 8 hour days?

  7. P’let: OMG, what a fantasy that is! We would totally have the best time ever. Would you let me jump the bass player of the opening band?
    I have no time to piddle let alone twitter. You and Ju and Hazel are probly the only ones who could sway me on that…

    L’girl: It was just experimental for the summer to look at saving money for the company. That’s what they told us anyway. I’d say they ended up spending more on health insurance for over-taxing our tired bodies, personally.

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