Getting ready to leave for a party to celebrate the nephew, Travis’ twenty-first birthday. In case you need to be reminded who Travis is, read here. I’m looking forward to this and I’m sure I’ll have something interesting and heartful to report back. But being that we’re leaving for a three-day camping trip tomorrow and I have yet to pack one single thing, it will most likely be days before I get back to you.

And I’m behind on answering comments, I apologize.

Some more questions to keep you busy while I’m gone… (Too many of you answered them too quick! It was supposed to stretch out until at least Monday…)

~Tell me if you have someone in your life who inspires you as Travis does me.

~Have you ever seen a UFO?

~Do you believe in ghosts?

~Were you named after anyone?


16 responses to “GIMME CAKE

  1. Oh, great! Another list of questions. I haven’t finished the first one yet!
    OK, someone who inspires me. Nobody like Travis, but I do find my kids to inspiring at times.

  2. ~Tell me if you have someone in your life who inspires you as Travis does me.
    One of the men from my church, Coly, is a big inspiration in my life.

  3. Tell me if you have someone in your life who inspires you as Travis does me.
    My Grandfather

    ~Have you ever seen a UFO? none that i believe that are alien

    ~Do you believe in ghosts? nope

    ~Were you named after anyone? duno

  4. Wooooo…Camping Trip. See you at the reunion.

  5. I have to answer all at once or I’ll never come back to answer the rest, so here goes,

    ~Tell me if you have someone in your life who inspires you as Travis does me. Lots of people inspire me in different ways, too many to pick just one.

    ~Have you ever seen a UFO? I don’t think so. I did wake up naked in the middle of a corn field, with a weird scar on my forearm that had, what looked to be, an electronic device embedded under the skin. But I didn’t “see” a UFO.

    ~Do you believe in ghosts? Absolutely

    ~Were you named after anyone? Was going to be named after my great aunt, but parents decided not to. Her name was Adeline. Thank you mom and dad 🙂 Sorry Aunt Adeline, God rest your soul.

  6. ~My wife inspires me…to love patiently, walk in forgiveness, and to follow my dreams no matter how much they scare her 🙂
    ~I have seen myself under U.nder T.he Father’s O.peration
    ~Yes, The Holy Ghost…and that’s it
    ~Named after my Dad…miss him so

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a UFO.

  8. My kids, all three of them inspire me.
    No UFO’s that I know of.
    Yes, I deffinately believe in ghosts, never saw any but felt their presence.
    Was named for five different ancestors.

  9. I believe in the Holy Ghost. Any others, I’m just not sure about. I have my theories, but nothing I can call proof…

  10. Logic Yellow

    I think there are people in my life, who can periodically inspire me.

    Not yet.


    Yes, my Great Uncle.

  11. M+: I’ve gotten the impression that your kids inspire you often. I see you have one more question to answer…

    TC: Your grandfather even inspires me. Wouldn’t it have been cool if you’d been named after him?

    Bailey: The UFO bit… thanks for the laff, that was good. I wouldn’t have an MRI if I were you. Adeline… hmmn. Could have been worse.

    Joey: Great answers, dood.

    Luann: You do have great kids.

    LY: I totally thought it would be ME. 😦

  12. I am named after the archangel.

  13. BTW; sorry it took so long to get to the last one. I haven’t been around for a few days.

  14. hope the bday party was fun!! ppl don’t have a lot of bday parties here. strange enough, i read in today’s paper how some cleric in saudi says that it’s against islam to celebrate bdays, anniversaries and such. imagine! he said that ppl are trying to imitate christians and the jewish by wanting to have parties. and sadly, ppl will believe the same! ridiculous!!

    i’ve never seen a UFO, my my mom and her sisters did a long time ago.. before i was born. i do believe in aliens. several months ago i read where this ex-astronaut said that there are indeed aliens and the govt doesn’t want us to know about them… can’t remember his name tho.

    ghosts… yes, definitely, i believe in them. had my own experiences w/ them when young and even after naief was born.

    i was named after the tania in dr. zhivago, which is think is pretty cool. 🙂

  15. M+: I knew that 🙂 But now all of us here do…

    Um Naief: People should never discourage parties, anywhere! I agree, that is ridiculous.
    I tend to think there are LOTS of things the govt. doesn’t want us to know. Pisses me off royally.
    Would love to hear of your ghostly experiences, have you blogged about them?
    Your name is Tania? I seriously didn’t know that. I thought it was Kenzity… what do I know??? You are a very mysterious woman 😉 Everything about Dr. Zhivago is cool. I need to re-read or re-watch that, it’s been too long.

  16. as you prolly know, i’m a little behind here.

    ~Tell me if you have someone in your life who inspires you as Travis does me.
    my kids

    ~Have you ever seen a UFO?
    yes, i really think i did see one about a million years ago.

    ~Do you believe in ghosts?
    yes, i do believe in them. until i can prove they “aren’t” real i will believe.

    ~Were you named after anyone?
    i was named after a roy orbison song titled, “leah” and boy howdy it’s a goofy song.

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