I had ordered a video for y’all… I see it’s not here.  So maybe you can click here and watch it anyway.  It’s the new single Love is Noise from the forthcoming release called Forth by the Verve, due out in a couple of weeks.

I may or may not post again before we leave Friday for our annual Family Reunion/Camping Weekend.  Yes, that is capitalized because it is a major event.  We look forward to it like crazy every year.  Mostly because camping in the middle of nowhere (the old Family Homestead) is great fun with the craziness that is my Family.  I plan to eat too much, sleep very little and laugh till it hurts.

~What’s your plan for the weekend?

~What music are you listening to lately?

~Why do you come here?

~Do you have/attend Family Reunions?

You know the drill…

Have a good day for me.

13 responses to “A TUNE AND SOME ?S

  1. Look I’m the first

    ~What’s your plan for the weekend?
    Build a new bathroom

    ~What music are you listening to lately?
    Supa Dupa Fly: Missy Elliott

    ~Why do you come here?
    To visit with you budy

    ~Do you have/attend Family Reunions?
    we get together during Easter, not really a reunion. I have heard that some of my family gets together at the old homestead in Missouri; I was too young to remember it when I went last.

  2. 2nd

    Btw thanks for the song/video!

  3. ~What’s your plan for the weekend?

    ~What music are you listening to lately?
    A lot of Mercy me

    ~Why do you come here?
    Because you are funny, witty, and pretty darn likable!

    ~Do you have/attend Family Reunions?
    They have them, but I do not attend.

  4. ***What’s my plan for the weekend?
    I get to work all weekend :), but that means I am off tommorrow and Friday.

    ***What music am I listening to lately?
    A bit of country and contemporary christian artist Jason Upton who I find freedom in the midst of his style of worship.

    ***Why do I come here?
    Straight up, first it was that this was a blog that the blogger actually responded to their comments and was not a taker in life like so many. I mean, that is the purpose of this airway…right? And then, I met a friend that I found a hello in that was laced with a genuine concern and love for life and the life in others. Thank you for being that :).

    ***Do you have/attend family reunions?
    I am sure that they have them, but to me they are as fake as the wax fruit on the kitchen table. Seriously, you want me to take time away from the people that are actually “invovled” in my life and give it to the people that have never taken the time to be a part of my life in the first place? “Come’err and give Uncle **** a kiss.” The Pharisees were wlecomed around the campfire with Jesus, they simply chose not to be apart. So the ones that stand next to your fire are your family, and it has nothing to do with blood relation. I think the word for the subject is disfunction, and what will you do with the disfunction to make it functional? Kind of like cleaning your closet, keep this…chunk that…this does not fit any more. Ok, I’ll shut up now 🙂 tee…hee…hee

  5. My plans for the weekend;
    I’m going to the Purple Door Festival (www.purpledoor.com) near Harrisburg in my capacity as an advocate for Compassion International. And JT is coming with me so we can review the event for his podcast. It’s gonna be great!

  6. What’s your plan for the weekend? Work on Saturday and clean and relax on Sunday. I know, boring.

    ~What music are you listening to lately? The only music I’ve been listening to lately is whatever plays at work. In the car I listen to talk radio. Sometimes the music in my head plays a circus tune, dot, dot, dada-dada, dot, dot, dada-dada, dot, dot, …….

    ~Why do you come here? Because I like what you have to say.

    ~Do you have/attend Family Reunions? no. I wish we did. I have literally hundreds of cousins, that’s first and second cousins. My mom and dad are both 1 of 10 kids, that makes 18 aunts and uncles not counting spouses! I did attend one reunion on my dads side when I was younger and it was really fun. Gotta love those hillbillies.

  7. Saturday I have to work, and Sunday, we are having my daughters 3rd birthday party in the backyard…bouncy castle and all.

    I listen to whatever is on the radio

    I come here because I like what you have to say, you reply to my comments personally, and I like to get Juju updates.

    No family reunions. I see all the family I care to on a regular basis.

  8. i listen to the radio mostly these days… sometimes, if i’m in the mood for something particular, i’ll pop in a CD. just depends on my mood that day.

    family reunions… i guess you could say that they have family reunions every Eid in this country… altho, some ppl do the big family thing every weekend, just depending on the family. most times all the family live very close.

    my family hasn’t had a family reunion ever.. i wish they did. the last time i saw all of my family was when my aunt died. i saw everyone at the funeral. what a horrible way to see your extended family. now that i live here, i don’t think i’ll see any of these ppl for a long time, sadly.

    this weekend is nothing big. my husband has a friend coming in from dubai that’ll stay the weekend, and we have lunch at his family’s house tomorrow, and since naief is nursing his gash and stiches, not sure if i’ll take him on a play date or not. i’m sorta afraid that he’ll fall and hit his head, loosening the stiches or something… so not sure what we’ll do.. maybe just stay home and play indoors.

    hope you enjoy your reunion and it brings much laughter and happiness your way!!

  9. oh yeah, i come here because i like to read your blog. i find it interesting and fun.

  10. Music lately;
    Disciple to gear up for their Saturday night show at Purple Door.

  11. I come here because I find your posts to be humorous and endearing. You also have great taste in music and friends…

  12. Logic Yellow

    001. To get the life drained out of my soul, as previous.

    002. Age of Understatement / Secret Machines / Wolf Parade

    003. I wonder what you’re living for.

    004. No, my family doesn’t think too highly of me and as such I try to avoid them as two 001s is tough to take.

  13. I onlyu attend the family reunions that my mother wants to attend. I’m more or less her schauffeur in those cases.

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