I originally posted this last year but I’m feeling kind of like this again so in the interest of time management and to remind myself, that yes, now and again I have actually put some thought into a post, I’m going to re-post this entry…



(Originally posted April 2007)

Sometimes when life gets hectic or unmanageable or unsatisfying, I retreat to that place in my head where the world is as I would like it to be. An avoidance technique, if you will. Many would chastise me for the ridiculous amount of time I spend inside my head/haven, but I care not. I’m a tired tried-and-true Pisces through and through and it’s my prerogative…

In My Perfect World:

  • The only time the Sun isn’t shining is when the Moon is.
  • Each room in my home has an entire wall of drawers or cabinets labeled with its contents and everything is always where it’s supposed to be.
  • Everything in my house that I do not need magically disappears. Until, of course, when I do need it and then it magically appears in the first place I look.
  • There is a separate highway system for drivers who don’t know how to drive follow the rules.
  • Music (in all its forms, including live concerts), medical care, and public transportation (in all its forms, worldwide) are free.
  • The work week consists of three 8-hour days of your choice. I choose Tue-Thur.
  • The grass in one’s yard does not grow more than 2 inches tall.
  • Alcohol, cigarettes and mind-altering drugs are both good for you and not subject to government regulations.
  • Chocolate grows on trees, year round.
  • Hair always does exactly what you want it to.
  • The same holds true for one’s spouse or significant other.
  • Cashews, almonds, pistachios are all options for what one would like readily dispensed from one’s refrigerator door.
  • Sex is as available as downloadable ring tones. flavored coffees.
  • My mouth works in conjunction with my brain. Always.
  • A good doctor/daycare/phone plan/mechanic is easier to find than a Walmart.
  • Wishing makes things so.

9 responses to “REPOST

  1. I wouldn’t be opposed to living in that world. However, please keep in mind;
    a) Chocolate does grow on trees, it just needs some refining.
    b) The spouse/significant other doing “exactly what you want it to” would also include your behaviors as desired by your spouse/significant other…

  2. I LOVE this post.

  3. All pretty cool, except that last one. I am afraid that sometimes I wish for things without thinking them through, that could lead to a major disaster.

  4. Logic Yellow

    Ah, so what would your first three wishes – genie in a bottle and all that roly poly.

  5. M+: My tree has the chocolate already mixed with the peanut butter or caramel or nuts or whatever and is wrapped in pretty gold biodegradable or recyclable wrappers.
    Uh, you have a good point about the spouse thing. Actually, it would be a bigger job for me than it would PD to comply, I think. Hard to say, he’s not a complainer but I’m well aware of my own shortcomings.

    Bailey: Thanks, I kind of like it too 😉

    Jeff: I would try not to be too greedy with that last one… but think of what a time-saver it would be! And the money part…

    LY: What would my first three wishes be? I think I would wish for more hours in a day, more days in a week, etc. More Time, basically. A new body. And for everyone I love to live in a ten-mile radius. Those three things would do it for me. This is my selfish list. The other would be much longer. I would need a genie for that one, fer shure.

  6. OK, your chocolate tree is much better than mine…
    As for the spouse thing; you know me, always trying to keep ya thinkin outside the box.
    Speaking of; I’m surprised you haven’t asked everybody what they would wish for in your world…

  7. M+: Go for it, Dude 🙂

  8. Sounds like a good plan to me.

  9. In my world all the Wal-marts disappear. And you know me I would want the four B’s. I am toosimple. no longer TC

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