I didn’t mean to alarm anyone with my absence…  My apologies.  Just been having a rough time dealing and not feeling much like sharing.  But I must say that y’all have done a right fine job of carrying on in my place.  I think we broke some kind of comment record!  I think as soon as Jeff answers one last question, the whole deal will be complete.

I’m not entirely sure what you call my state of mind of late, kind of a pulling into myself.  I always have relied on this blog for venting and an outlet for when I’m having issues.  Lately, though, I’m finding that what I’m feeling needs to be more private.  Not to say that all your support and encouragement hasn’t helped, cause it has, believe me.  I guess it’s more that I’ve not been able to put the feelings into words.  The level of anger and frustration that I’m facing these days is beyond anything I’ve dealt with and it’s just something I’ll have to work through in my own way.  If you read here, I don’t have to explain some of those issues.

But Sunday morning, this news hit me totally unexpectedly (obviously) when I was already floundering and I feel like my capacity to move on is seriously compromised.  Too much for me this time.  You don’t need to watch the whole video.  Most of you don’t know him.  He was a great friend to my nephews, Hazel’s sons.  He graduated from West Point this past Spring.  Twenty three years old.  He was in Afghanistan less than a month when he was killed.  Everything else, such as the fact that I watched him grow up and what a great kid he was, is beside the point.  All that matters is that he’s gone now and it’s wrong and someone should be held accountable and the lives of every single person who’s ever known him will never, ever be the same.

So, yeah.  I haven’t exactly been Ms. Sunshine and Lollipops lately.

Have had the Grandson here with us this week and the joy he brings has been more-than-welcome.  We’ll be returning him to his rightful owners tomorrow and then the house will be too quiet until we get used to it again.

4 responses to “QUIK POST

  1. Ya know, it’s OK not to vent, too. Especially since you know that your friends understand and care about you just the same.
    If I’m not mistaken, one of my co-workers knew this young man. She was just telling me about her son losing a friend in Afghanistian after being there a few weeks. I’ll keep the family(s) in my prayers.
    Good to have you back, Wink. Missed you!

  2. Thoughts go out to you darling.

  3. I was not mistaken, my lady friend at work did know him.

  4. i’m sorry to hear this.

    i agree w/ you.. i think this is senseless killing and someone does need to be held accountable, but i wonder if anyone ever will….

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