I’m going to be Out To Lunch for a few days, maybe longer.  Just to keep things interesting while I’m gone, here are a few things I’d like to know about you.  Just for kicks.  Don’t maybe answer them all at once, because I know you come here every day dying to leave a little of your self here…

~ Do you have an innie or an outie and are you happy with that?

~ What are you listening to right now?

~ If you could go back to any age, knowing what you know now, what would it be and why?

~ What do you like the most and the least about yourself?

~ Do you have a favorite post that I’ve written?  Feel free to elaborate 😉

~ What were you thinking about right before you came here today?

Ok, thanks.  Now go and have yourself a rilly good day.  🙂

24 responses to “YOUYOU

  1. I have an innie and I am very happy with it. It is great for holding things like small candies or change for toll booths.

  2. Believe it or not, I have a bothie. One half of it is an innie, the other is an outie. Don’t ask me how that happened…
    I’m OK with it. It’s kinda unique.
    I’ll make sure to be listening to something interesting when I come back tomorrow.

  3. I have an innie. I’m completely fine with it. Right now I’m listening to Uncommon Valor, as I’m at The Vet’s. I would go back to age 18 if I could know what I know now. Then I would have majored in something different in college and gotten off to a better start. I like my soul best about myself and I wish I had better control over my reactions sometimes. Hmmm, I’ve loved a lot of your posts, so can’t just narrow it down. I was thinking that I should go post a comment on here before I came here, lol. And that I hope you’re okay and that I will miss you while you’re on your break.

  4. I choose to answer all now, you may be back before I am.

    I have an innie and like it.
    Right now I’m listening to the sound of the washer and dryer and the dog chewing on a rawhide.
    I’ll agree with lawgirl and say I’d go back to 17 or 18 and maybe have gone to a different college or chosen a different major/career path.
    Like most about myself??? That’s a tough one to answer for me. I guess I feel like I genuinely care about people.
    Like least, how much time do I have? My lack of drive and determination.
    Fav’ post is a hard one, there’s been many. I do enjoy talking about farts and poop, so a recent favorite is “NO SH**!!!” I especially enjoy the “I shit you not” comment in the post. So approriate.
    I was thinking that wink’s post will cheer me up.

  5. Well, I made a run to pick up a new CD just for this comment. I’m currently listening to Anberlin, Lost Songs. So far I like it.

  6. ~ Do you have an innie or an outie and are you happy with that?
    i believe it’s an innie and i’ve learned to live with it.

    ~ What are you listening to right now?
    movie about hunter s. thompson.

    ~ If you could go back to any age, knowing what you know now, what would it be and why?
    age 32, while pregnant with my son. i would enjoy my pregnancy instead of being a complete psycho.

    ~ What do you like the most and the least about yourself?
    i like most that i am trustworthy, i like least that i sometimes say entirely too much.

    ~ Do you have a favorite post that I’ve written? Feel free to elaborate 😉
    i’m not sure i can answer it b/c i like all of your posts for different reasons. love is blind 🙂 (i can say i like when you open your window and share more about yourself.)

    ~ What were you thinking about right before you came here today?
    where the heck is my one wink? i miss her.

  7. I’d like to be 17 again. It was a good year for me, and it would be even better if I could have a do-over with what I know now.

  8. Logic Yellow


    Biffy Clyro.

    To that age before I knew what I know now.

    Most about myself, is that few people notice what I least like about myself.

    I have a couple, mainly because you’ve deleted them since.

    YouTube works just fine.

  9. What am I listening to right now? Mercy me: God with us

    Awesome song, love love love it!

  10. What I like most; a toss up between my personality and my body art.
    What I like least; I have a concave sternum.

    Am I the only one taking your request for daily updates serious?

  11. Any age? 23 when the worst symptoms of my Chrones started showing up and slap the doctor and tell him what is wrong. That way I wouldn’t have to wait 8 years to find out!

  12. Logic Yellow

    Still an innie.

    But now I’m listening to Talking Heads, and the day before yesterday I had a R.E.M. day.

  13. My fav post is the same for everybody; 100 Things. I like knowing that kind of not-so-well-known info about people.

  14. I was just thinking; “I wonder if Wink is back yet? I certainly hope she appreciates my faithfulness in responding to her request.”

  15. I’m listening to Paula Deen (tv in the other room) and she’s cooking some sinful food.

    Wish I was there.


  16. Innie here…thank goodness because I think outies are kinda freaky (oops, don’t tell my son I said that : ). Right now I am listening to the shell on my desk—funny how it sounds like the ocean, yet there is no ocean around. I would go back to being 19, because it was fun…and I would do it all over again. I like the fact that I am organized and I loathe the fact that I worry too much. I am not sure about favorite post…hmm, that would take more thought power than i have right now. As far as what I was thinking before I came here…oh, how that new Hanes commercial is so cool, the fact that there is anti-wedgie underwear out there…totally rocks.

    HOpe you are having a nice lunch break!

  17. I don’t think I would like to go back to any age. I am afraid that I would lose someone I love or a good friend I have met along the way. While I may not have played my life out perfectly, it did play out exactly as God planned!

  18. Well, it seems I’ve run out of questions to answer. Now what shall I comment about?

  19. What do I like most about myself: My sense of humor
    What do I like least about myself: My sense of humor

  20. i have an innie and am happy 🙂 my son has both, sorta. he had a really deep belly button when he was a baby and, altho it still it, it has changed shape a bit. interesting that ppl have such different types, don’t you think?!

    i’m listening to the youtube music from the video hubby is watching… something about the trailer to the new medal gear… 🙂

    that’s all for now… 🙂 i’ll come back later and answer a couple more… since i forgot what the questions were! 😉

  21. My favorite post here, any where you talk about me!

    Oh and the ones you posted right after you got your iPod, those are classics!

  22. i’m down with your time off, but i don’t think i am alone in wondering/hoping/wishing that you are OK?

  23. ok, thinking about going back in time sometimes comes across my mind, but in really thinking about it, if you had the ability to do that, don’t you think you’d lose something in the process. how could today stay the same? who knows what could happen… and i’m really enjoying where i am to open up a possibility like that. for some it might seem ideal, but i would pass it up. now.. if i could go back w/out it affecting the present and enjoy a moment/piece in time again… i might do it…. if it had absolutely no impact on my life today. 🙂

    what i like most about myself is that i’m a giving person and i care.

    what i like least would probably be my nose and perfectionism. can’t be a perfectionist w/ a 1 1/2 yr old! but i find myself trying to be…

  24. What was I thinking right before I came here today?

    Holy crap, the blogroll says Linda finally came back!

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