Klaxons – It’s Not Over Yet – Official Music Video

I’ve been back and forth with this band, like some of their stuff, not all. But I’m really liking this video. And the song is growing on me. I do know one thing, these guys are way easy on the eyes 😉 If you like it, there’s a very similar vid they did called Forgotten Works.

Incidentally, Klaxons is Greek for “to shriek”…

How was my weekend? I’m still kind of tired from “the procedure” but Hazel was in town for a birthday party and I coerced her to spend the night here instead of driving home late. We had a blast, up till the wee hours of the morning and laughing like crazy. She’s signed on to YoVille, (if you know what that is, I couldn’t find a good link to show you) and she had me in stitches. Everyone should have a sister as cool as she is.


  1. MY sister is better than YOUR sister.

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