After a harrowing night/day, I’m glad to report two things.  I’m tougher than I thought, being that I didn’t die and the other thing being that I’ve got a clean and healthy colon.  The doc even said that I can probly go 5 years until I need to schedule another colonoscopy.  What a relief.

Of course I had a “complication” of sorts.  Very incidental but there just never is anything that gets pulled off without a hitch when I’m involved.  My IV infiltrated (I’m pretty sure that’s the word the nurse used. I understood when she told me, but being that it was before my drug-induced forgetfulness, I’m not 100% sure that was the word now.)  What happened was that the saline they gave me initially (to prevent dehydration) was no longer entering my vein, it was just going wherever it wanted to in my arm.  I first noticed some pain, like a dull ache, around the area inside my elbow.  After a little bit, it wasn’t so dull anymore and I noticed that that part of my arm was cold to the touch.  And then there was blood in that part that peeks out from under the tape.  So they had to take that out and start another one in my other hand.  So now I’m bruised up on both sides.  Other than that, though, from what I can remember, everything else went fine.  Except that they won’t let you leave the hospital until your body does a certain thing which I can’t say (Raggy!) and of course my body wouldn’t do it so we were there awhile longer than I would have liked.

I was pretty tired when we got home so I took a nap.  When I woke up, I was surprised to find that PD had built a fire and cracked open a special bottle of wine we’d been saving and the neighbors H & S, who we love, had come over.  So we had a rilly fun night out under the stars and laughed and totally enjoyed the night.

Lately I’ve been feeling “different…”  Not sure if I can explain it but I’ll try.  I’m not sure if its because I’ve had way more happening that I can’t control or if I’m just become more aware of my own mortality.  (Ugh, that’s a big scary word)  But I’ve been working so hard at changing my attitude toward things, like what’s important and what’s not.  Trying not to care so much, trying to rise above things, trying to muster up courage and coping ability, desperately wanting and needing a change…  Those kinds of things.  I find myself imagining myself as another variation of me.  Notice I didn’t say another person, that’s not what I mean.  Sometimes I feel like throwing out all my clothes and just keeping the jeans and T-shirts.  I think about dying my hair and getting a tattoo or something.  Like a motorcycle.  I dunno what’s going on, but my thoughts keep drifting to this stuff.  Maybe it’s my inner “guy” coming out and he’s having a mid-life crisis.  It will probly just pass and I’ll move on to feeling some other way.  Who knows.  It’s late.  In the last 48 hours, I’ve been starved, drugged and now, rather tipsy on one (big) glass of wine.  Maybe I better give it a rest.  Going to go sit on the porch and talk to Mr. Moon and then call it a night.  Thanks for listening.

There used to be a commercial for Coke, I think… something about giving the world a hug if I could.  Yeah, I feel like that right now.

16 responses to “WHO’S HAPPY NOW?

  1. Life has its moments. Glad that you are doing ok.

  2. i am glad the worst is over in regards to that little butt party.

    reading this i thought of the jerry maguire movie, he got sick was up all night with a fever and suddenly realized the things that were more important than what he previously thought.

    i think insights, or “episodes” like that are good things to have in order to project humans forward into other chapters. i refer to those things as my higher self speaking to me.

  3. p.s. glad it is over AND you are clean!

  4. Logic Yellow

    Obviously my first thought, is good news, you’re all mended. But there is a joke in there, it’s not appropriate, nevermind.


    There’s a joke there too, but I’m trying to improve myself.

    Anyway, the movie Gone – really bad, really really, really bad. Avoid, like a chicken with its tail cut off.

    The video, don’t ask – I have no idea. They’re Candian, they can’t help it. Good beats though.

  5. Happy to hear all of that.

  6. Jack: Hey, welcome to my little corner. 🙂
    Ah, the wonderfulness of the complex simplicity (or is it simple complexity) in your statement.
    Figures, the first time you come here and I say something stupid. LOL, it’s the absence of a proper cup of coffee at this earliness. And part of the provocative innocuousness that is me. (You were warned, I believe… ha)

    Piglet: Your butt party reference made me laugh so hard that I snorted.
    I like how you view these sorts of episodes. At some point I would have identified “this” as such, I’m sure. Thanks for helping me speed up my thinking. You’re so smart. I’m glad we’ll be spending our Golden Years together wreaking havoc.

    LY: Dude, how come all of a sudden you’re all concerned about being obnoxious and inappropriate??? Lol. Why would you need improving?
    Thanks for the smile. I’m still trying to figure out the joke… there are so many directions one could take with this…
    Thanks for not opining on Mortality, I’m sure it would have been over my head.
    Consider me not watching Gone. Can’t say I’ve even heard of it. Thx for the tip tho.
    You must tell me why the Wolf Parade vid. I just watched this the other day and really liked it! In fact I put 3 or 4 of their songs in my shopping cart. I was tawkin’ to TC and he told me they were crap and I disagreed.
    Careful what you say about Canadians here… you were just joking, right? Say yes.

    Hazel: Thanks, Seester. 🙂
    Have fun at your picnic, you should blog about it, I’m thinking there will be some interesting conversations going on.

  7. So glad that you’re okay darling!!

  8. I’m just glad you’re OK (in the physical health sense of the word) .
    Facing our own mortality; been there, done that.
    Let me know if you decide to get a tattoo. I know someone who’s REALLY good !!!

  9. TC? He needs aid with some musical diversity too?

    Something a little easier to swallow then.

  10. LG: Tank you, dahlink.

    M+: I dunno, it’s a fleeting thought, comes and goes. But I’ll let you know…

    LY: I kinda liked the song and listened to (watched) some of their other stuff. I like the drummer’s energy. Bothered by not being able to understand a lot of the lyrics, but that could be due to vid quality. They’re a little monotonous for me. I suppose they could grow on me. Seems like the kind of band that I’m not crazy about Live. I’m going to listen to some of their recorded stuff maybe. But thanks.
    As it turns out, I have Wolf Parade’s Fine Young Cannibals and Lousy Pictures and love them both. I forgot that I downloaded them when I told you they were in my cart.
    And dammit, stop insulting my friends. I’ll have to kick your ass. ;-P Music isn’t everyone’s lifeblood like it is for you and me.
    Loved your Silence photo, incidentally.

  11. aha! You ban the word and the deed gets banned!

    Glad you’ve got a clean bill of health, pity I’m not allowed to crack a whole ton of disgusting South Pole jokes.

    Tattoo? Motorbike? sounds like fun, really, perhaps a tattoo of a motorbike to save costs…..

  12. Logic Yellow

    Oh, I thought you didn’t want me to change?

    Apologies for any offence caused, I’m humored by what could’ve stepped on anyones ego though.

  13. Raggerman: Point taken! I’m willing to lift the ban for you, speak freely here! 🙂 In fact, crack as many jokes as you like… I’m turning over a new leaf. This place could use a little shaking up 😛
    I’m thinking “being a lady” isn’t so much fun anymore. “Rowdy” is looking more appealing all the time.
    As for the tattoo, not sure I’m feeling quite so adventurous… I was thinking more of a lotus blossom…

    LY: Not bad. I like the appeal of the band, good video, decent song but I didn’t like it enough to buy. Thanks though.
    I’d never want you to change in terms of how you relate to ME. I want to ask you something… a proposal of sorts (blog-related). But I want it under wraps for the time being.

  14. Logic Yellow

    Let me know…

  15. Most of the time, I really want to kick the world in the n**s. Occasionally I feel like being nicey nice, but for the most part, ehhh.

  16. LY: Mission underway 🙂 Shhhh!

    Amigo: Sounds like a great commercial to me, kinda catchy, don’t you think?

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