I found a guy. I’m going just a little crazy over him. I’m not sure how I found him, maybe by the end of this post I’ll remember.

He’s a musician, and as I tend to do, I’m becoming obsessed with him. Or his music, rather, (although he is “my type.”) I don’t know a lot about him except that he worked with Peter Gabriel on his Big Blue Ball Project. Dammit, if I could remember where I read that I’d be able to tell you how I came across him. I’m probly going to spend the remainder of the weekend reading everything I can possibly get my hands on to find out more about him. Which is going to be difficult, you see, I’ve opened my last pack of cigarettes. You read that right, MY LAST PACK OF CIGARETTES. And when I’m obsessing and reading and excited about something, that’s when I tend to do my best smoking. Yeah, I’m thinking I’ll be going just a little crazy.

Didn’t mean to get off the subject… Anyway, this guy reminds me just a little of Paul Westerberg, my most favoritest singer/songwriter, ever. He dresses just a little crazy like Paul. His words and melodies kinda have the same effect on me. Whether or not he’s a musical genius like Paul, well, that remains to be seen.

Joseph Arthur is the guy. Have you heard of him? I predict, Piglet, that he is going to be rilly famous. Of course, he could already be and I’m just a little behind. I’ve told you before that I don’t listen to “mainstream” so I don’t know what’s being played on the regular radio. (This happened to me when I found Blue October. I was flipping out and later found out that they’d been enjoying radio air time for quite some time and everyone had heard of them but me.)

My favorite song of his is called Can’t Exist. So far, anyway. PD has been watching eBay for me and today I got one cd (Our Shadows Will Remain.) Tow others (Redemption’s Son and Come to Where I’m From) are on their way 🙂 I got just a little crazy waiting so I downloaded a couple songs from iTunes already. Yeah, well. And I’m excited to find out that he’s got a new cd coming out next week.

So this awesome eBay seller sends a couple of little bonuses along with my order. One was a promotional cd (not for sale) that is so cool I’m going to do a whole post about it soon. In the mean time, brush up on your Magnetic Fields, so you’ll know what I’m tawkin’ about. (If you’re a Lemony Snickett fan, Stephin Merritt of the Magnetic Fields did the tunes.)

Excuse me now, I got stuff to do. Oh yeah, HAPPY CRACKER JACK DAY!

10 responses to “(JUST A LITTLE) CRAZY

  1. my god woman you are the shiz. the only way i ever heard of the magnetic fields was due to be the boy. (i am indeed a lemony snickett fan.) joseph is definitely a looker as is westerberg. we have the same tastes in boys, you and i.

    i’m fairly certain that your description of “just a little crazy” is just normal for folks like yersef’ that have the magical powers to pick new music that will be a hit. and i don’t mean hit in the way of the music companies that have been shoving down our throats for years either.

    i’m betting that you’d be a good music picker for movies, i’m not sure of the correct title but you could do it.

    as for the quitting smoking, wot’s up with that? are you using any aids to guide you along?

  2. Dropped by from my disappearing act to say hello. Took some time to look at your Flickr. I have never done that and it was the first time that I have seen pictures of you. Very attractive. Boy, what a whirlwind I have been in…but the outcome good. Alex, my oldest child had Endometriosis surgery to burn out what existed. Dawn just had gal bladder surgery and during that her heart rate bottomed out and they had to give her CPR. No damage, all is well. If surgery is ever needed again with her I am insisting a fifth of Jack Daniels instead. You know I only live about an hour and 1/2 from the distillery :). Anyway….blah..blah..blah. Miss talking to you. Hope all is well with you and your gang. I can smell the beach now…12 days away! Hopefully I will bring good stories back with me. Take care.

  3. I skipped off of this song pretty fast, even though the video was pretty cool. I like “History” a lot, and I’ll check out some other songs. Seems like a good songwriter.

  4. I clicked on one that he did with The Lonely Astronauts, and it was good stuff. Also, his son “In the sun” was very good. Seems like it was on Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 3 finale (unless someone just cleverly put it in their themselves).

  5. Oh, crap. Nevermind. Turns out that Grey’s Anatomy thing is a version by Michael Stipe and Chris Martin. Just ignore my ignorant ramblings. Mr. Arthur’s is much better.

  6. Something a little crazy?

    I know…

    I can’t help but listen, even though the tears are stuck – I can’t help but wonder. And in any other way, I’m trying to say this is the place, and I’ll always be here for another day. This is all I need to feel alive.

  7. After, what some would say was a long fuckin’ sabatical you lazy ass I have decided to retake my guru position with you as it seems you’ve recently been very much in the ‘accepted norm’ circle with your music…

    You can delete this comment if you want, since I’m sure its going to be a little obnoxious and the others won’t get it.

    Maybe after that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omFWGBfVRo4

  8. Nice sound! I especially like “In the Sun.” Thanks for the recommendation. I have to confess that I didn’t really warm to Blue October, however. And good luck with the cigarettes! You’ll feel so much better!

  9. P’let: Not using any “aids,” although I’m sad to report the events of Thur. night thru Fri. have caused me to fall off the wagon. Don’t give up on me tho’.
    In the music sense, keep an eye out for Fleet Foxes. They are gonna storm. Awesome band.

    Joey: Good grief man, when you lay low, you scrape the serious bottom! Great to hear from you, missed ya.
    You didn’t know what I looked like? Sheesh, that’s weird. I’m so glad Alex and Dawn are ok. Scary stuff, praise in order.
    The last colonoscopy I had, my bp bottomed out, which is why I was scared shitless (pun intended) this time. Jack sounds like a great idea.
    Please tell me what time you’re picking me up for the beach trip. You won’t even know I’m there.

    Mark: I knew you’d like JA. And your ramblings? Never ignorant.

    LY: I’m trying to get into Enter Shakiri for the second time, now… it’s a stretch for me. Unlike most of what you’ve turned me on to in the past. Do you still go on lastfm?
    The guru spot is mostly still open, and you’re welcome to assert yourself. Missed you something fierce. I’m the only one you need to concern yourself and your obnoxiousness with 😉 I LOVE The Music’s Strength in Numbers. Thanks for that. What next?

    Brian: Glad to oblige. Did you listen to Into the Ocean or A Quiet Mind by Blue October? Those are my two favorites.
    I’m needing a little more luck with the cigarette thing, but thanks.

  10. Logic Yellow


    There’s a link on my about page…

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