Wishing everyone a safe, dry (maybe even sunny) and happy holiday.

Not to appear unpatriotic (because I am…) but I felt it necessary to include this little snippet, courtesy of Urban Dictionary‘s Word of the Day:

July 04: fourth of july

The day people light things on fire, and blame it on loving their country.

police officer: hey, you kids, that type of fireworks is illegal!
kid: dude, its the fourth of july. just showing some love for my country.
police officer: oh. in that case. toss me an m-80.

One response to “HAPPY 4TH OF JULY

  1. Have a glorious 4th!
    To be completely honest, the joke only reminds me of how many freedoms we no longer have because our government feels some need to protect us from ourselves. Whatever happened to personal responsibilty?

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