WARNING: Provocativeness~ not intentional

Kiss You All Over by Exile – BSG fan vid

Wanted to put my head in a good place tonight and started thinking of songs I loved when I was a teenager. This song is way up on my Top One Hundred list. I couldn’t find a good video, being that it was in the 1970’s (yeah, really.) But since there are about a gazillion Battle Star Gallactica fans out there, I decided to upload this one. No I don’t know these people, I didn’t even watch it. I’m just here for the song.

Update: so I publish this, click on it, crank it and go out in the kitchen. i come back in and holey moley that girl is in her underwear. now i see why PD is such a fan. I guess I should have given this post a rating too. if it’s offensive, I’m sorry, close your eyes. it’s a really good song, honest.

3 responses to “RETRO TUNE

  1. oh MY! heek! that is a good song, i do remember it.

  2. My virgin eyes!

  3. I loved this song too. And the video only adds special emphasis to it.

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