(CAUTION: Major Venting Ahead)

I have been so ridiculously busy, preoccupied and stressed lately and I’m feeling that I’ve neglected my poor blog.  I’ve had so much to write and it’s all been swirling around in my head and, much to my chagrin, lots of it has either gotten forgotten or grown into something that now requires too much explanation and background to even go into.  I’ve neglected responding to some great comments and I apologize for that.  I’m so far behind now that I’ll never get caught up.  Seems like I’m on here for an hour or so in the evening (winding down) and never making it all the way through my blogroll and not giving good friends’ posts the attention they deserve.  Then I hop on in the am while I’m guzzling my coffee and the same thing happens.  I suffer from severe overwhemification and it becomes a vicious circle.  Focusing is not one of my strong points lately.

Confession time:  I’m not dealing at all well with my new work schedule.  I tried, God knows, I’ve tried. You can only punish and abuse your body for so long before things start going haywire.  Long days away from home, short, fitful/sleepless nights and too much Life to take care of do not a happy, healthy camper make.  I guess it was only a matter of time before my body started rebelling and I found myself sitting across from a concerned medical professional lecturing me about stress.  This, after having an ekg, chest x-ray, multiple tubes of blood drawn and a couple of other tests scheduled for another day.  I’ve received no official results as yet.  Seems everyone decided this was a good week to take a vacation.  Thank you very much. And all this is on top of a couple of other unrelated issues that I’ve been doctoring for.  I know, I’m falling apart.  So, since I love and trust my doctor (not George, the other one) I took his advice and swallowed my pride and agreed to allow him to prescribe me “something to help.”  F***, I hate taking  pills! But not quite as much as headaches and not being able to breathe.  Sleeping (medicated) has been a decent bonus, too, although waking up is a little bit of a struggle.  But that’s moot at 4:30am.

People I work with (the ones I’m still speaking to… jk) are finding it amusing that my new catchphrase is “I don’t care.”  The ones who know me best recognize that when I cock my head and raise my eyebrows and fake smile, I don’t even have to say it.  Great time-saver, that one.

I know I’ve said it before, but I can’t stress (npi) how interesting it is to be a 50-something hormonal female.  (I really need to make a reference page here for my made up terms and acronyms… npi= no pun intended.)  You guys reading, count your lucky stars and give your wives a wide berth.  You ladies, none of you are here yet, so you thank your stars as well.  Just get in the habit of being very kind to yourself so’s you don’t have to try and learn it when it becomes necessary for survival.  That may be too late.

That last paragraph came out sounding rather ominous, not entirely my intention.  I’m just feeling particularly sarcastic of late.  Another survival tactic 😉

Okay, enough of that crap.  I’m ok, at least better than I was.  And I’m thrilled that the next few Fridays, not including the Fourth of July, will be spent in labs and hospitals and doctor’s offices. Ironic, isn’t it that the big selling point of the effing four-day work week is so that you can have an extra day off.  And it’s the effing long days that are wreaking their havoc on me in the first place, causing me to fill my day off with medical shit.  Have I made my point???  It’s funny too, a lot of the people at work who were so effing arrogant about it in the first place are all feeling the effects too.

Oh yeah, while I’m getting things off my chest, I’m feeling some major aggression towards those asshats who insist on proclaiming “IT’S FRIDAY!!!” all day long every freakin’ Thursday.

Pheww. How was that for a rant?  I feel pretty damn good right now!  Especially since tomorrow is THURSDAY and the last work day of my week.

Thanks for letting me get that out.


  1. you are cute when you’re venting 🙂

    i would so take pills if i could.




  3. Today actually is Friday and I’m glad I don’t have my own blog or a whole schlew of them to read. I just sat here and read the last 4 or 5 posts of yours. That’s how crazy life round here has been. I know you loathe 10 hr days, but I’ve heard there’s a lot of sh*t going down there. Worse than when I was there, so that can’t help. My mom quit because she started having too much stress and even a few times full on anxiety attacks because of that place. I hope something changes and you can get all better n stuff!


  4. Nat: Honey, it’s a whole different kinda crap from when you were there… I’m careful what I say here tho.

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